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I know this is strange to ask, but how's an adventure sound?


Story Notes: 16 (Ploomette Part 2) · 5:15am November 26th

Source: https://derpibooru.org/images/2428647

Ploomette has a unique perspective, and I didn't want to lose the opportunity to go more into the background of this setting.

There's one more part yet to come, and it will feature Ploomette's time on Earth up to the arrival of the first bus (the one most of the rest of the cast is on).

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Can I do a reading of one of your stories?

Absolutely! I just ask you link me to the final result so I can add it to the story's description.

Can I translate one of your stories?

Absolutely! I just ask you link me to the final result so I can add it to the story's description.

Why do you disable ratings?

It's really just a personal preference on my part. People have different tastes and different talent levels. And while the rating system was usually kind to me before there was an ability to disable them (several of my stories had 100% ratings, and most were in the 90s), I still don't think there should be a 'dislike' button. Just because I dislike something doesn't make it bad, and just because 300 people like it doesn't necessarily make it good (though it does make it popular).

Do ya think I'm sexy?

Not really, no.

Do you take requests or commissions?

Nope. I've got too many writing projects of my own I need to complete. I have almost as many unfinished/unposted fics as I do completed/posted ones.

What's your Social Security number?

Hold on, I've a card with that number on it somewhere. I just need to remember where I put it...

Does anybody really know what time it is?

25 (or 6) to 4.

Does anybody care?

...But you just asked. :facehoof:

Where do you get all those cool car pictures?

I took them personally.

Post a picture of yourself!

That's less a question and more a request. Also, no. Due to the ongoing pixel shortage, there just aren't enough to go around to censor out all the ugly.

Do ya think I'm sexy?

For the last time, Rod, no, I don't.

Where were you on the 24th at 6:35PM?

Hanging out with an airtight alibi.

Are you crazy?


Do ya think I'm sexy?

Whoops, the song was on repeat. My bad.

There's just one more thing...

Sorry, Mr. Columbo, but that's all the time we have tonight. Thanks for stopping by.

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An adventure sounds good right about now.

Mr. Jones goes to Equestria snuck in under my radar.
But I'm following you now so I won't miss out again.


That we are! Slice of life domination! :heart:

Hey, we're feature box buddies today! :heart:

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