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No way of knowing where we'll be going, our adventures never end!


Cozy Glow puts her manipulation talents to good use, under the watchful eyes of Luster Dawn.

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Ratings disabled ?
I was going to upvote this.

:pinkiecrazy: GAAAH! Dammit, ADIS, stop making me feel sorry for Cozy Glow!

:twilightsmile: That was a nice story though, I enjoyed it.

Very nice use of Cozy's talent. I do like how her and Luster's friendship is still very much a work in progress.

It's a shame ratings are disabled; if they weren't, I could easily see this making the Feature Box.

That irrelevant qualm aside, this was a very well-done story! Your interpretation of a mid-reformation Cozy's persona was a delight to read, and I was especially fond of her interactions with Luster in the latter half. All in all, kudos!

I was going to upvote this story, but I guess I’ll make do with adding it to my favorites. I hadn’t pictured this sort of scenario before, but it works perfectly for Cozy Glow! She was a surprisingly effective motivational speaker, and it was pretty heartwarming to see her have a positive impact on ponies for a change.

Inspiration from Sawtooth Waves?


GAAAH! Dammit, ADIS, stop making me feel sorry for Cozy Glow!

But it's what I'm good at! :scootangel:


I'm not familiar with this reference - can you link me to it?

Most of my influences are from the '80s.

very cool. Cozy is an interesting character.

When I saw "Ratings Disabled," I thought, wow, this is a pretty good story for that setting.

No clue why readings will be disabled for such a sad story

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