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Am I taking requests: I gotta put a hold on requests for a while. Will start accepting them again at a later date.
Working on Snow and Sand, Learning to Love and Rainbow over Trottingham

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I'll hear it. For the moment, I'm capping myself at 3 requests max, and since I've nearly reached the end of one, I'll be obliged to hear another. However, progress on actually working on these may be slowed due to my first year at university or hastened if I get a new laptop this month. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the finale of the final season - I am quite a bit behind on MLP in general - but I'll happily hear it out if you PM me the concept. :twilightsmile:

Have you seen the last few episodes of season 8?
Because I have an interesting idea based on the finale, but I'd rather not send it if you're not ready for it (whether because of the sequel we talked about, you haven't seen the finale yet, or another reason).

No problem :)

Good. Have a gay fic to do, then a few requests, before I get back to my unfinished fics. Thanks for asking. :twilightsmile:

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Awesome avatar and OC by the glorious Mix-up Thank you so much.

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