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I hope you have a good day, every single day. (Also accepting commissions.)

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Commissions and rates:
Rather than enforce a strict price with rates, I'll set a minimum price (usually 50 if I get over 5k words) without charging extra for kinks, OCs, scenes and the like. Even then, I'm extremely flexible when it comes to price. Just PM me if you want to discuss things, I'm always happy to. :twilightsmile: (Just don't expect to pay 20 bucks for 10k words or something :rainbowlaugh: )

Commissions: 2/5

Batch system: I will work on three free fics at any given time. After the 'batch' is done, I'll move onto the next. I can have only three batches at anytime. I'll give vague notes on what it is I'm doing rather than explicit titles. Ones the batch slots are taken up, I will not take anymore until all the batches are complete.

#Batch 1: Completed
#Batch 2: Duel head fic, S & T fic
#Batch 3: Femanon fic

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You can make the request. :twilightsmile:


Could I make a new request now, or would you rather I wait?

Both. :twilightsmile: after this current commission I'm doing I'll move onto the free requests again until someone approaches me again with an offer.

Quick question: Are you just doing commissions now, or do commissions just take priority over requests?

*Pinkie pie jumps out the bushes from behind and gives you a hug. Her heated breath whispers in your ear.*
"You're an awesome pony."
*Then she falls back into the bushes and disappears.*


  • Viewing 54 - 58 of 58
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