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I hope you have a good day, every single day. (Also accepting commissions.)

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Commissions and rates:

$15 dollars per 1k words (Paying in chunks is an option.)
Prices and whatnot are up for negotiation, they always are. I would also like my input on the scenario you propose as I tend to write better when I can feel like the story is my own as well as yours. I am at liberty to not take on your commission, and if I do accept it and unforeseen consequences prohibit my ability to write, you will receive a full refund and my heartfelt apologies. If your commission is slow to come out, it's primarily due to your commission not being at the front of the queue, wherein I prioritise commissions on a first come first served basis, although that does not mean I will not work on your fic in conjunction with the others. I merely ask for patience.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Current Number of Commissions (and their acronyms): 3
1. FDLFF (Started)
2. GBF (Started)
3. SFPTS (Started)
Rules: 5 slots, anything over is more expensive. I tend to prioritise fics as they come to me. I'm working on being better at writing stories concurrently so I hope to make this fact negligible. I appreciate patience but if I take a ridiculously long time for the number of words requested I'll refund you the full amount. I will also do non-pony stuff on request.

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Thank you. :twilightsmile:
I'm very fond of that pairing. If you plan to do more of it I'll be eager to read.

Thank you for the fave! Big fan ^^

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