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Heyo! I am the Head of Common Mockery. I write whatever ideas for fics I come up with.

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What’s been going on · 2:37am Aug 29th, 2018

I know that there’s some of you not wondering what’s going on with my story Hellish Hate. Well,it’s got a new cover art. And I’m still working on it, but I’m also fighting getting chaptered out of the U.S. Army, so that’s happening.

In other news, I’ve got dating profiles on two separate sites. If you’re interested, you can PM me for a link. In case you’d like a relationship with a ‘meh’ fan fic writer.

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I get how it could come off as cartoony and goofy, but all the build up made me feel. I feel like the story could’ve gone in the direction that would’ve tugged on peoples’ heartstrings, and I can’t remember any recent stories that do that. I’ll read porn because Every Man Beats His Salami Stick but I also like to feel. And feels make me nut hands-free.

Thanks for the read and the comment. Sorry you felt that way!

I had a tough choice between playing it realistic, and dealing with the horror if what the actual reality would be post such an event...

Or going goofy contrived plot finish, which also gives Quibble a chance to rant about it all like he did in the show episode.

It's not dissimilar to how at the end of the action movie, the hero kisses the girl and the screen fades out... No one in the audience cares about the huge destruction and death left in the wake of the chaos, people hurt, lives destroyed, terror etc.

We have different reactions to violence in different realistic settings.

Some people want the simple walk off ending, some people want the in-depth follow up of PTSD and funerals etc.

Even if I did do a 'revenge' fic, it would be equally goofy...

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