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Heyo! I am the Head of Common Mockery. I write whatever ideas for fics I come up with.

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When Wallflower Blush is sick and tired of school and life, she wants to take it all down. But Dex-Starr of the Red Lantern Corps shows her that she doesn’t feel rage. He shows her just how confused she is about her emotions.

DC x Equestria Girls crossover, inspired by Wallflower And Her Pumped Up Kicks.

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Scorpan, brother of Tirek, is a wanderer of the wastelands that surround the land of Equestria. And when he feels his brother's escape, he wanders no more and heads for an island that is occupied by nothing but an unstoppable force of rage and hatred. A force that makes all the monsters of the wasteland quiver in fear, for this force is the King of them all. But he slumbers a deep slumber, as the monsters encased him into the heart of an island... But Scorpan knows how to wake his King, and is willing to sacrifice himself to his King so that Tirek can be stopped.

Tirek has consumed every ounce of magic in Equestria. He has consumed the magic of the ponies, he has consumed the magic of the Alicorns, and he has consumed the power of friendship. If there was only something that could stop him from making Equestria and The Everfree look like the rest of the world...

Folks, I made this because why not. Godzilla keeps everyone in line, and Lord Tirek is no exception to his rule over the monsters. The Final Wars Godzilla is being used in this fiction.


I have fixed all the errors that I could, and changed a few sentences so that it can flow better. I hope that this improves the reading experience!

Chapters (2)