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I am a Chinese-Canadian who loves military, dinosaur, and other. Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War and World War 1 & 2 is 4 of my top ten military histories.


Who Framed Demi Lovato · 1:10am Aug 30th, 2014

I am creating my version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit called Who Framed Demi Lovato is centres about my potential future wife Demi Lovato, Pinkie Pie who devoted herself as a private detective wearing a fedora had lost her cousin to an unknown evil live-action person. She was asked by a lady producer who works at Quagmire studios had concerned about Demi Lovato to record the voices from her newly wedded husband General Sean Chow who founded the Canadian Actors and Actresses Social Club who

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Cheers for the watch.

Thank you so much for the watch and favorite!

Thank you very much for the favorite and the follow! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch and for adding Clone Wars: Equestrian Wars to your Favorites!

Cheers for the fave.

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