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Sample Template for threads found HERE

This group is dedicated to all the groups that have great potential, but have been neglected and unseen by the masses
When advertising in the forums please title your thread Underrated Group: *Insert Group Name Here*
To avoid any misunderstandings we have set certain standards for a group to underrated.
1. Special Restrictions apply to groups over 1000 members for forum advertising
2. If there appears to be little to no effort in the group then it probably deserves the amount of members it receives
3. Troll groups are not accepted
4. I have a desire to make this list longer

In order to provide an opportunity for a group to get a chance to thrive we have provided two ways to gain members.
1, Advertising in the forums
There is no rules about advertising (your group) in the forums as long as it is under 1000 Members*
If a group is over 1000 thousand members we will allow you to post the thread as long as you have not received any new members within 2 weeks
2. Biweekly Featured Box
Every two weeks me and the future admins will go through the forum and will feature several groups.
If you have over 100 members the groups age must be higher than your member count divided by 50 in weeks (for example if a group has 250 members it must be over 5 weeks old)
No groups exceeding 1000 members will be featured.
If it appears the group has not had any serious effort put into it, no description, no banner, and no icon are each red flags.

And of course if you use this group to advertise your own we would greatly appreciate you returning the favor (after all more members this group has the more members will see the groups)
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I am a brony, have been following mlp for about a year now, and am very pleased with the stories on fimfiction. I like to read the sadfics for the overwhelming feels they generate. im also fascinated with the hie stories. I love the lessons the stories relate to real life.

379414 I like it:twilightsmile:

Great then you can help spread the word:trollestia::twilightblush:

I'll start advertising this group in a hour or so

I like this idea.

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