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Hi everyone! I'm Zerum Whooves... the discorded doctor of Time Turner, or Doctor Whooves. Feel free to post anything that contails this OC or Time Turner. I also accept Ditzy and Derpy Hooves stories as well. I will not accept Clop stories however.:ajbemused: Say anything you want, but do not call me Captain Emo.:twilightangry2:

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Zernum and ScarfTie make Hours feel welcome. :rainbowlaugh:

Congratulations! This group was listed in New Groups. Due to its freshness, a spot in the Groups of New was well earned.

Ok, here goes.
I don't really have much on Dr. Whooves in any of his incarnations of the Pony form.

I do have a few Ditzy Doo/Derpy Whooves stories.
The once first coming to mind is an exploration of Changelings via a relation between her and a Changeling.
There should be a few other stories with one or both of them as well, published or preparing for publication.

Seems I was the third in here?

Would you please add at least one folder or Deer-Foal for the stories?

Why would Annie call you "Captain Emo" or (Emu)?

I take it you are no one of these Edgy Emo 'Guys', then!

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