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Hello there. I was born on a Saturday, I guess I was meant for weekly episode shows. Darkness is just an absense of light, so sometimes you just need someone to call you over to the sunny patch


Still Alive · 2:16pm Nov 13th, 2018

For whatever reason, when I woke up this morning, I felt a bout of nostalgia hit me. I looked at the window at the snow patched ground, at my computer, and honestly it took me a bit to figure out what for.
It was for this place, for the fandom and the show.
I have a terrible habit of feeling proactive and motivated to do stuff when I'm sick (Just a cold, I'll be better in a day or two :twilightsmile:)

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My thanks to Salty Zebra!

Random Things About Me

So I guess this is where I put things about me?
Well, I enjoy a lot of arts. Writing drawing, painting, singing, and playing instruments, and such.
I have a ton of ideas, though not mostly MLP ones, and have not completed many. I live in the country, on a hobby farm. When meeting people face-to-face I'm shy. I try to be nice but sometimes I am mean.
I love gaming too. Among my favorite games are Undertale, and some telltale games, Beyond Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human.... Just to name a few. I've been playing tabletop RPGs since I was 6...
I love reading and books.
I can be quite the fangirl when it comes to games, books, movies or shows I love.
I have trouble picking favorites.
But I do pick some sometimes, like my current favorite show is Earth: Final Conflict, you have probably never watched it. Though I'm also starting to lean onto Invader Zim... Hmm...
I like rain. I don't like snow when it's too deep, since I live in Canada, but I do enjoy it sometimes.

Brothers: Icy, HudsonHawk, MechaBulborb187.
Sister: Mocha
Cousins: Ryuku, Bosney.


The Orphanage
Want an OC for free? Want to give an OC a home? Answer yes to either of these, then you should check this group out, and see if anything catches your interest.

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You are my queen I stan
Shine for queen 2020

Thank yoooouuu

2625620 What's your Discord tag?

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