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Giving one OC foal a much needed home and family.
You can find our orphans by looking into our forums.
To learn how adoptions work, peak at this thread.
And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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399506 You do realize you're suppose to post them, right?
402216 If you want any OCs to adopt, why don't you see if we have any by looking at the forums where their profiles are kept?

DO you have any OC for Adoption? because I like one

399506 Hi, do you still have those OC's for adoption?

Hi, I have a few OCs, if anyone is willing to adopt them - I'll gladly send you their profiles x

398228 Look at the group description

I am confused on how you adopt an OC. But I guess Ill join 'cuz this looks cool.

397500 Not right now... I am just trying to cope I would rather talk about you and see the little ones.

397499 Ok wanna talk about it?

397497 Been feeling a little out of it.

396644 never mind it's way too late E

396442 Who are you talking about?

395802 You mean worker, volunteer, OC creator, ect.

396495 the concept but I get it now.

396193 what is confusing you? :twilightsmile:

Okay who's the wise.guy?

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