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Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.


Here is were I will keep all the art my artists make for me.

By: Derpyforever

By: DerpyForever

By: EstrellaEssentia


Moon and Magic Chapter 3 · 11:07pm Saturday

Well, that didn't take me long to finish. I was able to write the last 700 words in about an hour. Again the chapter isn't very long; only around 1400 words, but then again I've only spent a total of three hours working on it so... yeah. I just need it edited and as I'm typing this post my editor is not available... so I either need to wait for him to be available or... I can do this:

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No problem I liked your Smootch-Your-Own-Sparkle story and really wanted to be your thousand and first follower. :twilightsmile:

Thanks a bunch for the watch! :D

That description......
Wiser words have never been spoken.........

Yes, it's just coming very slowly due to a lack of drive.

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