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Are you a fan of Twilight as an alicorn in canon? Do you have a story pertaining to her ascension, or her life as a Princess? Are you just plain sick and tired of the short-sighted bronies who continue to decry Twilicorn as the worst thing to happen to the series since Twist?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then The Twilicorn Group welcomes you.

Want some epic Twilicorn art? Don't worry, we've got you covered:

(All artwork is credited to their respective creators.)

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Ailcorn Twilight Sparkle = Best Princess in Equestria EVER!

:heart:I love Twilight sparkle :heart:

Twilight sparkle is the best pony:twilightsmile

Is it okay if, I use some of the awsome fan art?

I didn't see Twist as turning on Applebloom. I actually saw it the other way around. Maybe I'm weird?

It seemed more as if Applebloom dropped Twist the moment she gained her cutie mark, but I guess the truth is we don't really know how it went down. They just stopped hanging out shortly after that, which is kind of sad.

Not really sure. I think it was because a lot of people didn't like how quickly Twist seemed to turn on Apple Bloom after she got her cutie mark, even though they did reconcile by the end of the episode.

Or it could just be that a fair number of bronies have some irrational hatred of lisps and candy canes. :trixieshiftright:

339451 What, seriously? Why would people hate Twist? :applejackconfused:

Yeah, that was supposed to just be a joke, I don't really hate Twist. :twilightblush:

In fact, it's quite the opposite. I actually think she's pretty cute. I just put that in there to sort of parallel the irrational dislike that a lot of people have for Twilicorn, as I recall that it was also popular to hate on Twist back when she first appeared.

339024 Yeah, anyone mind removing that bit? Twist isn't awful (unless that's the joke...) :twistnerd:

Was gonna join, but then I saw that your group description was mean to Twist.

To be honest she's still the same Twilight. And her new position can lead to some potentially hilarious scenarios.

Though if she ever get's as good as Rainbow, there will be hell to pay.

lovein it:heart:

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