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Welcome Twilight Sparkle fans! If you're here, you love Twilight, just like I do. There isn't a lot of rules, but if you follow them, I will be a happy Murp.

Rule 1. Post in only one folder.

Each story has their own category and their own folder, so please post in the appropriate one. There is a folder for each story category, so there will be a folder for any story you will post.

Rule 2. You can't post in the Twilight Sparkle Rise folder.

You cannot post in the Twilight Sparkle Rise folder, but you can nominate your story to go in there by PMing me. I'll review it myself, and see if I like it. I will then, post it in the folder, and give you credit. I will also give you a follow.

Rule 3. Threads must be related to Twilight Sparkle.

A group about Twilight Sparkle needs to have things about Twilight Sparkle in it. Pretty simple. You can talk about other ponies, but you must involve Twilight in some way.

4. No harassing, please!

If you have a problem, please take it up with the mods. Harassing will not be tolerated, as you will be reported and removed from the group.

Have fun little Twilight fans!

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