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I believe that Twilight is better with magic than Celestia.

I'm looking for others who think the same way.

Here are the facts and my opinions:
1. Celestia is over 1000 years old. She may be a deity, but anyone's memory would start to fade after that long.
2. Celestia is Twilight's teacher and mentor. However, Celestia has not taught her everything she knows.
3. Twilight's 'want it need it' spell goes awry. Celestia comes and fixes it. Who's to say she did not learn that spell not even five minutes before? Who's to say Twilight couldn't have done it?
4. Celestia rules over an entire kingdom, which means Twilight has more time on her hands to practice magic than Celestia does.
5. It does not automatically mean that Celestia is more powerful than everyone else just because she is an allicorn.
6. We have hardly seen any magic used by Celestia, so, for all we know, she could know very little magic.
7. Who is to say that Twilight could not raise the sun everyday?
8. In the episode 'Cutie Mark Chronicles', during Twilight's flashback, Celestia clearly states she has never seen such raw power. By those standards, that would mean she could see pony's magical entities, which means she could see her own. So, that clearly states that Twilight has a lot of magical abilities, more than Celestia.
9. In the episode 'Return of Harmony', Celestia also says she has no connection to the elements any longer. Now, despite the fact she carries one around her neck, Twilight is the most important element: magic. That right there shows Twilight's power to be the most needed element to keep the peace.

Anything else I should add? Let me know!

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338940 From the list above, is that how Twilight is more Powerful and atuned to the Magic than Celestia?
If so, there is one line to consider adding; Celestia gave up her magic to Twilight in the hopes she could handle it better against Tirek.
Any of the four Alicorns could have been chosen, if not for the fact that one obviously is better than all others.

On that note, Celestia placed Twilight in Ponyville on perpose as a long term plan she had been working on for centuries.
The fact that the Apples were given their orchard where they are is just the first step towards making the community to reActivate the Elements.

On the note of losing the elements, it has been suggested that she lost this in exiling her sister Luna in the guise of Nightmare Moon.

321019 I restrict absolutely nothing... I mostly made this group to prove a point, really...:twilightsheepish:

I'm joining this group because the larger group has been ruined thansk to Peppy Grayskull thinking he can just use his power as moderator to do whatever he wants.

As long as this group does not meet the same fate I have no trouble joining this group. Be warned that I don't take kindly to those who restrict stories or abuse their powers.

306476 I know right? In fact, I find that she happens to be one of the most liked characters on the show, yet she doesn't get the props that she deserves...

My thoughts exactly!
Who defeated the queen of the changelings after Celestia failed at exactly that? Who accidentally cast a spell that neither Celestia nor Starswirl the Bearded could figure out and invented a counter-spell? Who is best pony?

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