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Blocked, reported to the mods, reported to the MI, reported to Cameron personally, reported to Her Majesty the Queen, reported to HM Government, reported to the Royal Navy Marines, reported to the UN, reported to my butler, barricaded the windows, hid under the bed with a gun.

Regina Nightwhisper

You must use the powers of autism to beat the dark side
For Lord Para gathers his armies


I'll be the short guy at the bottom of the pic
and Tetra will blow me

Pathos Mors

I'd fuck you
Like so hard
Even if you have to think of Reo. That's okay.

Gamer X

I am a ball of adorable evvilllness


Jeez, has it really been more than 2 months since I put up a blog? · 8:21am Apr 13th, 2015

Hmm, it might be time for me to take my leave from this site. I hardly ever come here anymore anyways, only seldom to check for messages and stuff like that.

I guess one last update for the three people that read my last blog will suffice.

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The current fruits of my labor

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2005679 Not too bad... First time here in weeks. How are you?

1764845 Alright, cumdum, I will after school today:derpytongue2: Or I can PM you it

1756724 Hey, there you are, you shithead!

My phone broke, but I have a new one. Same number and everything. You should text me so I can have your number again~:pinkiesmile:


Stop being comp-broke

1613406 Heh, it's all good, man. I won't be able to do anything without a job anyways.

1613402 Ya, I can help ya look for one n maybe with some money. Haha I just need yer state and town. Ya can PM that if ya want. So its not public view...

1613337 Haha yeah buddy, sometimes ya can find a 'steal' on it. Especially computers, laptops almost any electronic. Seen some laptops on there for $100-150 n store price was $559.99!

1613329 Or a used one...Ya look on craigslist? Always find a good deal in your area on that site.

1613281 For a new laptop? For a good one, I would need close to $600

1613274 Oh, man...I see. Hmm...Let me think, how much would ya need?

1613271 It's one of those really cheap tablets... it's also not even mine.:applejackunsure:

1613265 I hear ya there, what kind of tablet? Also, they have those bluetooth keyboards ya can get basically turn it into a mini laptop.

1611898 You would be more than welcome to. However, I am afraid it will have to wait for a bit... I no longer have a computer to use for anything, and writing on a tablet... not my forte.

That would be sweet! Also if ya wanted, I would be more than happy to part-take into collaboration of it. Either way, it'd be awesome haha

1546008 Just trying to get a damn job, really...

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