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The spanish version of Frosted Flakes is called Zucaritas and Tony the Tiger looks freaking intense on the box.

For there is mystery, a word you have
That shines within your mind. Now speak that word...

~Conrad Aiken

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Magical Site Advertisment · 6:12am Mar 21st, 2015

I legit just saw an ad on this website to go watch Schmoyoho on YouTube. I like to listen to them sometimes when I write anyway, so I went and did click on that link. I feel like everyone just won. Feels good.

On an unrelated note, more Hollow to come in the following days.

EDIT: On a more related note, I'm guessing this site must know your tastes somewhat because I get a lot of ads for Psychic readings too. Considering I am already a fortune teller, this is a moot point for me.

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not gonna lie....that ending scared me with the Hollow Kingdom *shivers* good stuff


Recent events have proven that I am indeed not the king. In the coming days I will probably have to fight the beautiful girl from Texas who is actually the king of wands, and quite frankly that scares the crap outta me. I'm more of a XXII if we're being honest.


To quote my good friend HLJ: "Sometimes you just gotta go on a vision-quest."

1700091 you were gone for quite some time

The king has returned!

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