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Pinkies Imagination

I'm a 23 year old brony with both a youtube and Fimfiction page. I make blind commentaries and fanfictions for mlp and I love what I do!

I'm just your run of the mill brony. The only thing is... I LOVE to write and I'll do it to the day I die. I also love to play video games. I like games such as...

-League of Legends
-Hunt: Showdown
-Most RPG's
-Most FPS games
-You get the picture....


Happy to be writing again!

Info Updated: 28/02/2018

Also in case any of you want to add me on steam send me a PM and I'll give you a link!

DeviantART Profile HERE!

My goals on this channel

Get 100 likes on a story [X]
> 300 [X]
>> 400 [X]
>>> 500 [X]
>>>> 600 [ ]

Have someone do a reading of one of my stories on youtube []

Get 100 followers [X]
> 200 [X]
>> 300 [X]
>>> 400 [X]
>>>> 500 [ ]

Get a story into the good HiE List [X]

Get into the featured stories list once [X]
> Twice [X]
>> Three times [X]
>>> Five times [X]
>>>> Ten times [X]
>>>>> I've stopped making this a goal after a while...

Have someone comment something one one of my stories that makes my week [X]

Have someone make art for my stories [X]

Have me (or my OC) show up in a fan made project... anything [X]

Get 1000 unique views on a single story [X]
> 2000 [X]
>> 3000 [X]
>>> 4000 [X]
>>>> 5000 [X]
>>>>> 6000 [X]
>>>>>>7000 [ ]

Get 5000 total views on a story [X]
> 8000 [X]
>> 10,000 [X]
>>> 15,000 [X]
>>>> 20,000 [X]
>>>>> 25,000 [X]
>>>>>> 50,000 [X]
>>>>>>> 75,000 [X]
>>>>>>>> 100,000 [X]
>>>>>>>>> 125,000 [ ]

Think of more goals [ ]


I've decided what to do · 7:49pm February 25th

Well. I've decided what to do.

I'm going to start working on returning balance again, with some small changes. You can learn these changes by reading the first few chapters of it again.

Another thing, I will not rewrite all of a shadows grave. I will, however, go back and edit it when necessary.

Read More

Some of my fav art on Deviant

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Only I can see the question until I answer them they they appear

You may have received a message from me under the guise er name TheDman131 I don't really know how askfm works but I may have submitted 2 messages on accident and wanted to let you know to avoid confusion...

btw how does askfm work when I did post them I thought I'd see them the moment I posted it but I was wrong...

Hey thanks for the watch! And I'm looking forward to it! :twilightsmile:

I heard about you from the reunion stream, can’t wait to see the rest of your videos dude!

  • Viewing 290 - 294 of 294
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