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Pinkies Imagination

I'm a 22 year old brony with both a youtube and Fimfiction page. I make blind commentaries and fanfictions for mlp and I love what I do!

I'm just your run of the mill brony. The only thing is... I LOVE to write and I'll do it to the day I die. I also love to play video games. I like games such as...

-League of Legends
-Hunt: Showdown
-Most RPG's
-Most FPS games
-You get the picture....


Happy to be writing again!

Info Updated: 28/02/2018

Also in case any of you want to add me on steam send me a PM and I'll give you a link!

DeviantART Profile HERE!

My goals on this channel

Get 100 likes on a story [X]
> 300 [X]
>> 400 [X]
>>> 500 [X]
>>>> 600 [ ]

Have someone do a reading of one of my stories on youtube []

Get 100 followers [X]
> 200 [X]
>> 300 [X]
>>> 400 [X]
>>>> 500 [ ]

Get a story into the good HiE List [X]

Get into the featured stories list once [X]
> Twice [X]
>> Three times [X]
>>> Five times [X]
>>>> Ten times [X]
>>>>> I've stopped making this a goal after a while...

Have someone comment something one one of my stories that makes my week [X]

Have someone make art for my stories [X]

Have me (or my OC) show up in a fan made project... anything [X]

Get 1000 unique views on a single story [X]
> 2000 [X]
>> 3000 [X]
>>> 4000 [X]
>>>> 5000 [X]
>>>>> 6000 [X]
>>>>>>7000 [ ]

Get 5000 total views on a story [X]
> 8000 [X]
>> 10,000 [X]
>>> 15,000 [X]
>>>> 20,000 [X]
>>>>> 25,000 [X]
>>>>>> 50,000 [X]
>>>>>>> 75,000 [X]
>>>>>>>> 100,000 [X]
>>>>>>>>> 125,000 [ ]

Think of more goals [ ]


About A Shadows Grave/Returning Balance · 11:25pm Oct 16th, 2018

Okay, now this story has been a bit of a strange topic. I'm at the point where I honestly can't remember where I was going with the plot of the trilogy. I think back in those days, I was writing because it was fun, and winging literally every chapter. It got more popular than I imagined and really didn't know where to go from there, so I put it on hiatus.

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Some of my fav art on Deviant

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Hey pinky I'm curious what is your youtube channel's name???

2347827 Exactly what my image is based on :raritywink:

I just had to... :rainbowlaugh:
:facehoof: ...I'm an idiot sometimes...

2309229 I'm going to, don't worry. All my stories were dead until yesterday, because college. But I really wanna return and start pumping out updates, so have no fear, it's not going anywhere.

  • Viewing 283 - 287 of 287
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