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Cloud Nova

Captains Log

Captains log #1: Star date...whatever the fuck, me and my crew of one...being me, have decided to set up a log as to inform my clearly delusional followers, who for some odd reason find my story's good, but besides that, yeah this a log i will be updating regularly, every day if possible. so, first event to go in the log, i burnt a burrito in the microwave today....nothing else besides that, so...

Cloud Nova Signing Off.

Captains Log #2: I found some really old shit i wrote way back, like a year and a half ago. So expect to have your sexy little eyes melt out of your GORGES EYE SOCKETS

Anyway, yeah ill be picking my shit up now, and then casually throwing my balls on the game board, that is FimFic

and now some cute/sexy Luna for you, just because i'm in a good mood

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Thanks for the fave, dawg. Have a good one.

Thanks for the fave!

782654 What Void Heart said. No worries! :pinkiehappy:

782654 Well running out of stuff would suggest that you do in fact read the stories you favorite. So no worries, I am sure you will get around to the new fics eventually.


Guys im gonna tell you know, that i will NEVER lie to you guys, and i have to confess.... I haven't even read your stories, i just faved them because i was running out of stuff to read and i just faved anything that looked intresting, so ya :twilightblush:

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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