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Election 2016 · 10:57pm Nov 9th, 2016

The results are in and well Trump won. I wish I could say I'm happy but I can't, but the sun still rises and the world moves on. We've all heard the stories by now of friendships and marriages ended, of parents refusing to talk to their children and vice versa because of this. We've heard the talk about how she is this and he is that, about how if she or he is elected it's the end of the world. All I can say is ENOUGH. The time has come to take down the signs, take off the hats and buttons, put

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I noticed your icon: HMS Dreadnought

It's nice to meet someone else who's into WWII.


I couldn't help but notice your icon. D-Day?


It took some time finding you.

Do you remember me because its fine if you don't :twilightsmile:

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