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I Drink And Write One Story. Slowly. Now I Just Drink. I Have No Idea What I'm Even Doing Anymore

Now There's Two Stories!


Not Dead Or Nothing · 12:41pm March 18th

Hey all,

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Sent you another message, please read.

In your sequel, it would be wonderful if you had moments were celestia and Luna get in trouble in the main storyline and get treated like fillies (and act like it)

Just finished the story, and it is the absolute best and most fulfilling story I have ever read, printed or otherwise. I leave here satisfied, and I thank you. Have a nice day.

Someone get this author a patreon, his brain is need for his amazing story telling.

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    Not Dead Or Nothing

    Hey all,

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    Better Than Expected

    Well, the prologue and first chapter are out, and I'll be honest, it was received a lot more warmly then I really expected it to be. Looks like it hit the feature box twice (that I'm aware of. I know it was, then wasn't, and now it's in there again as of this writing), and a lot of folks seem to be pretty excited about it. So yeah, I guess I'll keep doing it.

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    It's Up

    So the prologue and first chapter are posted and ready for consumption, digestion, and eventual expulsion. It's named Reunion, by the way. Go give it a read and then let me know how bad of an idea this whole thing was. Also, I sort of went into a hazy death spiral while editing, so let me know if you spot any especially egregious mistakes.

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    Morning Everyone,

    Sorry for the delays in posting, I've been going through some real life nonsense, which has made it difficult to concentrate. The sequel is still happening, but I need some help from the few of you who are still around. I've got the prologue done. The first chapter is 99% done, and the next few chapters are roughly mapped out. I've fabbed up some cover art (since I can't commission a piece this time around). Now I'm stuck on one thing.

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    Greetings all. Just wanted to drop an update regarding the sequel. I'm still working on it, I just needed to finish out my degree first and take a little break. Now that I have a $20,000 piece of fancy-paper, I can focus more on writing. My release schedule is still pretty much guaranteed to be a slow-motion shit show, but it will happen. I'm not terribly confident with where I'm going with the sequel, but one of the harder parts of being a writer is just getting the fuck over yourself and

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