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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.

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A Continuity Error in Marvel's 'Black Widow' · 4:52pm July 16th

So the opening of the film is set in 1995 Ohio. Seems legit.

One problem.

Little Yelena has a stuffed animal the whole time. It's usually out of focus, but when she finally gives it up at the end of the prologue, you can clearly see what it is.

It's Twilight Sparkle.

Princess Twilight Sparkle. The alicorn model.

Continuity error? Or something more sinister?

Because who does the voice of Twilight Sparkle? Tara Strong.

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aa ill check that out!

'Letters from War' was the sequel.

Aa I remember reading this a while ago! Just re read it now :) will there be any follow up stories for this?

The Long Con & Story's End are two of my favourite stories <3
I don't suppose you've thought about writing something similar to them with an evil princess luna by chance?

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