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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.

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After ten years, I've found him. · 9:47am March 7th

For the recent arrivals to the Followers, a bit of backstory. My earliest successful story in the fandom (and for a long while, my defining work) was 'Dear Sweetie Belle.' The genesis of that story came from the 2011 revelation that the man whom I'd known as my father for my entire life was, in fact, not my biological father. I used 'Dear Sweetie Belle' to work out my feelings about all that, and as a result I think it still stands as one of my stronger works.

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Author Interviewer

hey, I did the thing and it was pretty good :)

Hi, I just happened to wonder around and spotted your bio. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and that I love your bio pic(and maybe be friends). Just wanted to be friendly is all:heart:.

Thanks for the fave! I hope you're doing well!

Comment posted by Jade Ring deleted Nov 20th, 2019
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