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A mess


Comming Soon! No.1 "A messy collection of stories" PLUS SNEAK PEEK! · 9:06pm Jan 14th, 2013

Though I do hope to get to work on "Why Won't You Trust Me?" before to long I wish to first post a series of shorts so that I can at least have something up and hopefully get me back in the writing groove.

Title: A messy collection of stories

Tags: Random*
Due to this "story" actually being a lot of little ones all of which would call for their own tags I use the "Random" tag to cover all bases, each stories specific tags will be placed up front under the title.

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488712 god dammit you had one job

Woah now
Stay alive

Well I stared it up yesterday so I'm going to say maybe about a week? Give or take a few days, thanks for showing interest in my work!

A Pierced Heart

I see you like changeling fics from your blog post, and I wrote one myself a while back. It's rated mature so be warned, there is sex and light gore, but the story does not revolve around it.

It's a fairly dark story, but don't let all the thumbs down scare you, I rewrote it to improve it greatly about a month ago.

206358 I delay updates all the time, so don't worry about it! Good readers are faithful, especially if your writing has talent! I just happen to be busy a lot, and I rarely get time to write! Although, you need to put your freaking story on here in a story form, not a blog post. Y u do dis?

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Stories I wish I would complete #1 "Why won't you trust me?" (part 1) · 10:39pm Sep 16th, 2012

I get lots of story ideas but can never seem to get enough off my plot to really get things going, for the most part I actually keep these stories to myself as I do dream of doing them some day as unlikely as that may be but this is one of those I think I will go ahead and share and maybe see what sort of feed back I can get, who knows, maybe if I get enough positive feed back I might actually do it. (would then have to delete this though so no readers that didn't already read this can look

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