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    Comming Soon! No.1 "A messy collection of stories" PLUS SNEAK PEEK!

    Though I do hope to get to work on "Why Won't You Trust Me?" before to long I wish to first post a series of shorts so that I can at least have something up and hopefully get me back in the writing groove.

    Title: A messy collection of stories

    Tags: Random*

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    things that I am waiting for updates on

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    I am "a mess"

    Well I am mostly a stalker.....
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Comming Soon! No.1 "A messy collection of stories" PLUS SNEAK PEEK! · 9:06pm Jan 14th, 2013

Though I do hope to get to work on "Why Won't You Trust Me?" before to long I wish to first post a series of shorts so that I can at least have something up and hopefully get me back in the writing groove.

Title: A messy collection of stories

Tags: Random*
Due to this "story" actually being a lot of little ones all of which would call for their own tags I use the "Random" tag to cover all bases, each stories specific tags will be placed up front under the title.


(yup, using my own avatar, just seems fitting)


WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! To a "Messy Collection of Stories"!

As you may have noticed the thumbnail bares the mark of none other then me, "A Mess", this is because though I like to think of myself as witty, intelegent, a wee bit wise and not to mention over all good looking *swag* I am at the end of the day a right big mess... ,But I digress.

What you see before you is a collection of partially realized insperations, spin offs and stuff I don't even know what to call! Each one a possibly a dimond in the rough or just a lump of coal. All these stories will have markers inside showing their respective tags, state of completion, likely worth of idea, and even elegibility for completeion by others along with other tidbits in the head notes and authors notes.

some of these stories will make you laugh! Some will make you Cry, Many will make you think, and some will just plain stink.

But which one will be which? Trash or treasure? Jewel or Junk? You can't really know unless you take a look! SO COME ON INSIDE!


CHAPTER ONE: The Great Canterlot Shovel Shortage of 2012
Random, Comedy

The time was new years eve, the place was the heart of Canterlot.
All was going great at the all night rave, it was going be a party to remember, but became a disaster no one could forget.

It was nearing the hour of midnight and everypony was celebrating the coming of the new year throughout Equestria and one of the biggest raves ever was being held on the grounds of Canterlot castle. The Great and Humble Trixie took the stage as the final minutes as her new friend Vinyl Scratch gave her the microphone.

Trixie was amazed how quickly she had moved back up in show business after letting go of her bitterness and ego in order to change from "The Great and Powerful Trixie" to the "Great and Humble Trixie". She had even found two new friends who were willing to help her and house her while she got back on her own four hooves. A tear came to her eye as she thought of how Vinyl Scratch and Octavia had taken her in when they realized she was without proper boarding in Ponyville, even Twilight sparkle had helped out by buying her a beautiful gold watch and locket combo with chain to aid her in her ventures and remind her of her loved ones as she put both Vinyls and Octavia's picture in it.

And now here she was, not but a few months later and she was going to help bring in the new year with a brilliant act. Moments before the stroke of twelve she was to hypnotize all the ponies in Canterlot Square in order to synchronize all the ponies movements for a very special treat.

You see Trixie having decided that she would share the spot light with others had stumbled upon something never before seen. She had found that if her audience was at least fair in size and she synchronized their movements she could unleash a power of beauty and wonder. By getting the pegasi to flare their wings, the unicorns to flare their horns, and the earth ponies to strike their hooves to the ground all at the same time the three types of magic firing together in such a way could send a shock wave into the underlying magic layers of their world. It was liken to a sonic rain boom but instead of just filling the sky it moved through the air as by the pegusi, in the ground as by the earth ponies and even on the very fabric of space by the unicorns and bore the mark of all the responsible ponies in the form of their cutie marks. This shock wave was not only beautiful but by its nature flushed a great bounty of magic out into the open to be absorbed by not only those that started the wave but any within reach. When Twilight sparkle found witnessed this feat and reported back to Celestia what she had seen Trixie was asked to bring in the new year with a wave using enough ponies to likely cover all of Equestria and open the new year with this thing of beauty which brought fourth its bounty of magic and was born of all ponies working together.

Now it was time, though she would not admit it she was very nervous. Standing up as tall as she could she looked to out over the audience, hundreds, NEIGH! thousands of ponies all watching her, she had always loved the stage but even for a mare such as herself this was nerve wrecking. Trixie took a deep breath in and began the hypnotism procedure. She spoke to the crowd in a soft soothing tone, something the "Great and Loud" Trixie had never been able to do. She swung her precious gold watch back and fourth, back and fourth, lulling all the ponies into a trance whether they were earth ponies standing at the ready on the ground, unicorns sitting proudly in the stands, or pegusi laying silently on low level clouds, all eyes were on her and her watch.

Sweating more and more Trixie watched through her peripheral vision the large clock tower to her right, she had already given the instructions and all was set for the final que` while swinging her beloved watch back and fourth to keep rhythm.
Trixie,"On my signal, 5... "
She was so nervous she felt numb and tingly at this point
" 4... "
Every fiber of her being was tense and shaking,
" 3... "
This was it the moment of truth, countless warm bodies all packed together still glowing from the
dancing and activities, even the air itself was packed as pegusi sat on their clouds over the heads of the
the earthbound.
" 2... "
Just one more second and she would share with the world what her new life had brought her.
" 1... "
Then she saw it, her watch! Her beautiful watch! it slipped out of her hoof aided by her perspiration. As if in slow motion it sailed towards the ground but Trixie was unable to do anything other then observe as it tumbled down striking the stage floor and braking open. At that moment Trixie couldn't help but feel her new heart was in that watch, and just as the watch her heart broke into many pieces.
" CRAP!... "

What happened next was a horror beyond belief, they say as the ponies awoke the screams could be heard as far as griffindore, and other certain traces upon the wind as far as the crystal empire. Shovels were called in from everywhere to deal with the aftermath, they became so sought after that they would sell for their weight in gold, and although it was not what had been planned, the following year the canterlot gardens as well as any patch of earth near the are never looked so well fed.

Not long after this work was done to implement an invention brought over from another world that the princesses had ties too, it was something called a "toilet" and quickly took off.


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I admit I don't know why I posted this as I only have 2 watchers but I at least hope they get a kick out of it as well as anyone else who stumbles upon my page.

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