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Out at sea, rockin' steam dreams and pilot valves... Deuces.

Meet the Salty Batpone

Voted FIMfiction's #1 Bat 2011-16

Navy mechanic. Volunteer firefighter.
Aspiring boxer. High-functioning alcoholic. Gets along well with kids.

"Manly? No. That word barely begins to describe the sheer magnitude of legend that is known to us as "Rust." Since the dawn of creation, sentient creatures have tried and failed to emulate the feeling of manliness that comes from the mere mention of his name. Even before he was born from the mating ritual of an explosion and a bottle of rum, the idea of "Rust" could only be experienced in the roar of a saber-tooth tiger, or felt in the heat of Australia's desert in the peak of summer...

"...This is the man known as Rust."

--- Nathan Travler




Do not adjust your sets · 3:16am Jul 5th, 2016

Hey all, sorry but this isn't Rust.

This is Handyman speaking, for those of you who don't know, I'm that guy who writes that fic with that other guy who does the things. Those of you who aren't laughing at the fact I now have an account with a batpony avatar, you have no soul and your first born child will be ginger.

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Comment posted by Mirrored Realities deleted Aug 9th, 2020

Happy new year. May 2020 be a memory filled one.

Thank you for every smile/joy your storys bring me in past,present&future :raritystarry:

too bad Rust decided he wanted to live life spending months trapped in a volatile tube packed full of seamen......

Hope you’re really rocking, out wherever you are. :rainbowdetermined2:

  • Viewing 880 - 884 of 884
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