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"Beware Her wrath, fools who dare threaten our Kingdom. For if Celestia be our Shield, then Luna is the Sword."

Spiritual companion to Sweet Celestia.

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Must read. Not a new concept, but the first non-comedy about it I've seen.

That description just became my New skype status

I try.

Luna is up there on my 'best pony' list because of you, Rust.

I love that description. Just hgnnn.
I cannot describe how much i like it. By golly me oh my.

I'll be reading this in the morning. A fresh mind for a [obviously] great story.

aaaand now I have reading material for when I get home. Whoo-hoo!

looks like chrysalis

*puts on sunglasses*

went too deep.

Rust #8 · Mar 7th, 2013 · · ·

The bet to this story was that I had to find a way to make "deep throating" into a KO move.

Needless to say, the image of Nightmare Moon jabbing a foot and a half of energized ebony down into Chrysalis' stomach while mercilessly laughing came to mind.

I think I need to start taking medication.

So...that's where Luna was all this time. :pinkiegasp:
Loved the story. Love the idea of Luna being the sword to Celestia's shield. Kinda fits into the head canon I've been developing :D


It seemed off. Chrysalis gets her power from love. It's the reason why she attacked Equestria. Not everything including love. So yea there's that issue. Other than that the fight scene was ok at first. Although when Nightmare Moon came in it seemed forced. Like there was no reason for Nightmare Moon at all, even though the story is blatently about her.

I think the statement "Have patience, sister, and a little faith. I have spent a thousand years cultivating mine." said enought to counter the reasoning behind Luna's transformation.

Not only did that sentince show that Luna is patient, it also made her look positive. If she had this positivity during the fight she wouldn't become Nightmare Moon in the first place because she'd likely push aside the part where Chrysalis says "Your sister fears you." like nothing.

Besides she's had 1000 years to think about it and by now she should have come to terms with her past. I mean she is over 1000 years old anyway. She has years of experience and many humans within their 90+ years of life would probably know for a fact, that they could redeem themselves.

So yea I feel this was more forced. Still well writen and interesting. But I admit, it's not entertaining. :/

(I could have used better examples but I'm just going to move on)

Rust #12 · Mar 7th, 2013 · · ·

I won't pretend to admit that I had any idea of what I was doing. You get an upvote for calling my ass out.

Nighmare Moon is best Super Saiyan

Did Crysalis end up on the moon?

Rust #15 · Mar 7th, 2013 · · ·

Ever watch Pokemon?

Y'know Team Rocket?

...basically that.

PPS #16 · Mar 7th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Luna sees Chrysalis fly off into the distance once, and pursues. Chrysalis is still alive. Luna sends Chrysalis flying off into the distance again, and goes home? What's up with that?

The premise of Chrysalis ignoring Luna's attacks due to their hate content doesn't work. If she could do that, she would've ignored the love-powered super-shield. It also doesn't fit with the focus on feeding on love in the episode.

A lot of the wording in this story is awkward. I don't think "tactfully" or "birch" mean what you think they do. There's also some awkward repetition, such as two instance of "fit to burst" before Luna delivers the final blow.

-More like "launched into deep space."
-I've always imagined Changelings able to feed off of a whole host of emotions, not simply love. The more powerful the emotion, the more energizing it is. Let us assume that love is the strongest of emotions. What next to follow but hatred?
-Entire thing was written while drunk, as per the bet that spawned it. Awkward wording is to be expected, sorry about that.... As far as I'm aware, "Birch" is a type of tree. I have one growing in my front yard.



I misread the "birch" bits. I don't normally expect to parse the name of a tree in the context of something used to hold things.

Unexpected situations; they tend to catch us off guard.

Hey Rust. You're beautiful. We should hang sometime.
Oh yah story is good too. You make very good story mine comarade.

I recognize that last tactic. The Toa Nuva used it to defeat the Bohrok-Kal.

"You want my power? Fine. Let's see if you can handle every. Last. Drop of it."


Ahh... The memories.


Wait someone other then me remembers Bionicle.

also feeding a thing that feeds off of power more power to destory it is....kinda stupid. :O not to mention cliche.

I am so reading this tomorrow when my brain is working well enough to appreciate it.

It's that old adage again.
"To much of a good thing can kill you."
I can feed you a cheeseburger and you would gain some energy. I can feed you a thousand cheeseburgers and you would croak. It's impossible to process that much material in our system. I expect it's the same concept If you feed changelings to much love (or whatever) at any one time. So in conclusion, It's not the capacity of the energy storage container (though it could be) but it's ability to process power surges.

Battering Ram - Black Label Society

Error in the description - 'art' is only for second person singular (i.e., when the subject is 'thou'). The proper form for third person singular is (surprise) 'is'.

This is another fic in a long line of reasons why Luna is Best Pony. The best thing about this specific one is that this is one of the first where Luna just proves to be a complete badass while also maintaining the fact that she does all the background workings. Also she carries a secret agenda.

Loved it! Freakin awesome!


True but honestly if I'm choking on energy I will expend some of it.

It doesn't seem to have any higher purpose than to be a revenge fic, and even under that pretext it's kind of unsatisfying. If you're going to have a [gore] tag in a revenge fic, use it! Go inglorious basterds on it! A DBZ-style fight (AAAA-POWERINGUP-AAAAAAAHHHH) which promises blood but ends with a visual gag feels kind of toothless.
EDIT: that said, "deep throat KO" is my new favorite fatality.

there are certainly situations where it would be impossible to expel/vent/expend that energy. If not impossible, then perhaps the input volume of energy is higher than the being's ability to expel it. It depends on a number of factors.

The lesson I learned from this fic is the lesson most people already knew;
Don't. Buck. with Luna.


Bionicles are the best!

This is not war, THIS IS PEST CONTROL!

Rust #35 · Mar 7th, 2013 · · 1 ·

At least I did one thing right! I tried to keep the blood down, but I couldn't publish it without the tag because I'd be breaking the rules if I did so. It's mainly there for the blood that is present, and the part where they RIP each other's throats out.

After reading the mlp comics I'm not sure if Chrysalis can over feed on emotions. Still a great story, good job.

Nightmare Moon is bucking amazing :rainbowdetermined2:

That was a fantastic fight-scene! My jaw literally dropped when you had Luna pull the tree out of the ground and wield it like a club. Oh, and that Nightmare Moon transformation was just everyone of my fighting game fantasies come true. I love it when writers innovate with combat! Fucking love it!

Your Antagonist


The feels I get when I remember that awesome legend is indescribable. Thank You for the ref.

Badass, man. Though I didn't really get the point of defeating Chrysalis twice.

I liked this. I really did.

But one thing bugs me. (pun unintentional, I assure you).

Shining Armor Sparkle

Why would you do this? His name is just Shining Armor, no more, no less.
For a start, look at this quote from the show:

Princess Celestia: Mares and gentlecolts, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor.

Celestia uses Cadance's offical name, something not even Twilight knew, but refers to Shining as 'Shining Armor'. It wouldn't make sense for Cadance to be called Mi Amore and then for Celestia to ignore Shining's surname.

Sure, we have evidence for a hereditary surname with the Cakes, but that could easily be attributed to theme naming, something which is shown with the Apple family, who all lack a common surname, and several even lack the word 'Apple' in their name, but all of them have something to do with Apples (except for the oranges, but they still follow the vaguely defined rule).

Basicly, poinies don't follow typical human naming conventions, especially concerning surnames, so combining the two always looks... off. Especially since the specifics of pony naming conventions are not fully explained.

glorious, simply glorious! :pinkiehappy:

A fine read, and a great way for Luna to cleanse herself of doubt. Cathartic in the extreme.

Also, bonus points for the titular portmanteau.


Eh most of the times I see this trope it's when watching Parasite (DC supervillan) and no you can't beat him by overloading his power .

Not saying it's not impossible to be unable to use up the excess I just find it a cop out now since it's so common and overused.

:O also yeah I should really read this soon. XD

Actually, Chrysalis wasn't overloaded, she was simply stuffed to excess faster than she could absorb it, and then Luna triggered a rapid release of the leftovers.
...Lotta big words, right there.
Of House Sparkle? Would that work? Or just do away with that all together? I really never bothered to dig to deep into the intricacies of pony society. Some of them do, however, share similar parts of names. Perhaps that denotes a sort of clan-based structure?
You have no idea how hard I had to resist letting Chrysalis say that before she exploded.
Would you let a wounded wolf flee, that he might recover to hassle your flock once again? Luna certainly doesn't think so.

2226997 yeah mate its a tree, a great tree... hehe a tree that has a easy to burn bark :moustache:

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