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Out at sea, rockin' steam dreams and pilot valves... Deuces.


Power. Notoriety. Money. Drugs. Mares. Fear. Weapons. Racing chariots. Blood. Respect.


This is the tale of how one little colt inherits the largest criminal organization in the history of Equestria, and manages to turn the underworld on its head...

A collaborative effort between the Esteemed Scholar of Debauchery, Mister Moniker, and myself. If that wasn't motivation enough, you are sad and I no longer wish to speak with you.

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I dunno...that Moniker guy is kind of a douche.

A collaborative effort between the Esteemed Scholar of Debauchery

I read the last word as Douchebaggery. I really like this story idea though!

edit: 3065580 inorite

What could possibly go wrong?

This sounds... fucking awesome.

... kinda sounds like that anime show called Reborn. I liked that show, therefore I shall read this. When there's more chapters put up.

Sorry about the lack of material published. We've actually got seven chapters all ready to go, but Moniker and I are busy with military stuff so we have to release it slowly.

3065694 It's okay, just commenting that this sounds like something I watched and that I'd be actually reading it when there's more up:twilightsmile:

Oh, you have an error in your comment as well.:trollestia:

Oh my... two masters of the LOL's, the depravity of the this fic is sure to astound and captivate. I feel myself becoming more of a degenerate even as I type this. Only way this could be better is if Button's Mom makes an appearance... because Button's Mom.

On that note, my Button's Mom/fistful of steel wool clopfic is due any time now.

Now that I think about it, having her make a small appearance in here could set up a wonderfully scathing observation of the fact that everyone seems to want to plow Button's mom.

Well, I'm on it. Shamelessly plugging her into the next chapter now.

I'm already loving it.

Mourning Wood
Dry-humping mountain giants
Psychedelic mould
Sponsored by Captain Morgan

All that in one thousand words.

3065835 your welcome btw :ajsmug: its less about the actual clop appeal and more about the fact that everyone seems to want a piece of dat flank, as you said. If you take the piss out of that I'd love you forever.

The minotaur’s voice was louder than two mountain giants dry-humping each other and nearly as horrifying.

This sentence alone earned you a favorite and like.

I read this while listening to a Motley Crue song...

Best damn decision ever.

For Pip, everything's easy.

The way this is written not like reading a story, but reading a movie!.....or would that be watching a story? O_o

As I was saying, that's quite the intro. XD

I actually played a lot of Borderlands 2 before starting this. So that might have influenced things a little.

Oh sweet Celestia, I couldn't stop laughing. Good job! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This... This will be a tale for the history books.

I am ready.

~Skeeter The Luker

*reads* *does a spit take* :rainbowlaugh:

Mourning Wood. Dry humping. Pippin'.
The classiest fic to ever grace this site.

Yep. Gotta agree with you. The class of this site has just increased by at least tenfold.

O.K., you have my attention. I'll keep reading.

So where's the story? This is just an expanded synopsis.

It's actually going to be released on a weekly basis. Moniker and I had to space it out a lot, on account of him being in Afghanistan and me training at Great Lakes. While we're away, our publisher will be releasing our pre-written chapters, so that when we come back we can get right into the pace without causing you, the beloved reader, any real delay.

Sorry for having not much out there at first. At least come back next Sunday before letting judgement fall.

This story is going to be legendary. Legendary.

We do our best.

...But was it a sexy synopsis?

Mourning Wood makes me think of Fable 3, amongst other things.

It's been far too long since I read a Rust or M2 story. And this story is both, so hey...

:facehoof: I honestly don't know what to say...

Other than the fact that Pipsqueak is a pinto, not a palomino. :rainbowlaugh:

Now if you'll excuse me I'll be over here with my brain bleach.

I am already enjoying this.

:pinkiecrazy: No one colt should have all that power.

Might want to keep an eye on that formatting - generally, you try to keep all the letters of one word together.
Other than that, and the fact that 'palomino' would more accurately describe Carrot Top rather than Pipsqueak, this looks good.

Huh... I came up with a similar idea to this, only it was Fluttershy who inherited the organisation.

I was going to call it "The Godfeather"

This....this is going to be amazing.

Sometimes I really wish I could write more comedic stories instead of sticking to big, epic adventure-type stories. Because hot damn, if I could apply my creativity to comedic pursuits, I'd probably come up with something amazing like this! :rainbowlaugh:

Now all we need is a grown-up Pipsqueak approaching Luna with 'an offer she can't refuse', and proposing to her....or something like that. But that's more for a serious version of this story. Gah, see what I mean?! Not a comedic bone in my body! :twilightangry2:

Awesome. Simply awesome.:rainbowkiss:

Kinda does.
You've got me interested. I think I'm gonna see where this goes.

3071160 I'm saying that from just reading the description, but it's good that I'm able to attract readers to stories with just my preliminary comments:twilightsmile:

Money in the bank, pimpin ain't easy...
Maybe will read later.:eeyup:

Wait...a KID BECOMES A BOSS OF THAT TYPE OF GROUP?! :rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh: THIS I gotta read later!

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