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This story is a sequel to The Guardian of the Night

The newly formed Star Guard has been given an impossible task: purge the world of the Nightmare Forces once and for all.

Pipsqueak, Captain of the Star Guard and Guardian of the Night, must lead a select few through the dreams of, not only ponies, but all sentient creatures. Acting on Princess Luna’s behalf, Pipsqueak has vowed to travel the lands of Equestria until his impossible task is completed, no matter the personal cost.

But the Nightmare Forces lurk in every shadow and every dream, waiting for Pipsqueak to falter. Can an earth pony, not gifted in magic, fight against the darkness? Only time will tell.

Edited by: mikemeiers, neon scar and Greenhat. These guys are amazing.

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Oh boy, this is going to be an exciting adventure indeed.

Nice start to this story. I approve of the two possible loves in this story so far. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks for writing the sequel.

Ok this is gonna be good, but it would be better for Luna to go with the Star Guard or at least help in the early recruiting process

This sounds really intriguing. I'm eager to see where this goes and what will happen to the characters this time. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Yes, yes, yes:rainbowwild:

It goes on.

5034027 YES

I will deny everything!

(It was totally the pun)

OH YEEEAAAHH! This is gonna be good!:pinkiehappy:

Quick question, do Rumble and Scootalooo are interested with each other

5034027 I love the third picture because its rough, sketchy and way he drew his eye's. I think it matches to what Pip is now.

Yeah, I think it's my favorite one of Pip - he looks totally badass. :rainbowkiss:


5042018 thankyou kind sir for the compliment :moustache:


5042024 this fic is badass

Something to start the fic with

5041118 I knew it!
Shark op
pls nerf
9/10 it was okay -ign

*Looks at front page*

*Sees title and clicks link*

*Reads chapter and looks at fan art*


I claim no responsibility for seizures that may be experienced in viewing the above image. View at your own risk.

There's something strange about entering people's dreams, regardless of intent. I mean, it sorta-makes sense if they're doing it to drive out other intruders, but they're still intruding upon the privacy of some people's minds.
I wonder how this star guard will work.
I probably need to read its predecessor, huh?

It's highly recommended you read the predecessor first - and although this is a trilogy (with The Dream Stalker being the first story) it isn't actually required that you read from that story to understand the second story, The Guardian of the Night.

It begins...
On another note, :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :raritystarry: :yay: IT'S HERE!

No errors! Editors really did do you good :rainbowlaugh:

So, oh great Cloth, when may I get more? :trixieshiftright:

Yay! I knew those guys were great. :rainbowkiss:

And another update will be Friday! Woo~! I got lots of chapters ready and waiting for a consistent release. :3

And Luna was nowhere to be found. Which made Pip very sad because of what he experienced.

But hey, we're all ready for another awesome ride, so let it commence! :pinkiehappy:


Give them plenty of cookies!

Friday? Woo! Something to make Friday even more awesome

To be honest...Those nightmare couldn't really do much to the mind of a human, someone who have been through many...a few words is enough make them lose their sh:yay:t is just a prove of how "innocent" they are...They've not seen enough in life to fight it...for a mature human, if you have the will, you can fight it...no matter how bad it may seem.

So apparently the Nightmare Forces don't understand astronomy, shooting stars are not in fact stars you know. Stars die when it finally loses the fuel to burn and either "merely" collapses or goes Super Nova.

Great chapter. I guess we now have a bit of a villain. This is going to be a great story. I can't wait to read who's dreams Pip and gang must enter.

Well it seems that Pip will have to deal with the nightmares in his own head

5049675 They live in a world of manually moved celestial bodies. Cut them a break on astronomy.
Though we know comets exist from "Owl's Well That Ends Well", so point.

Their conversation is metaphorical, I can assure you! :rainbowkiss:

(Though it is funny to talk about astronomy in a world where the sun and moon must be "moved" for the planet and when the sun and moon are up together the sky is literately divided in half with night and day - but again, metaphors xD)

All this fascinating stuff and the only thing I can think of is why Pinkie Pie is in Canterlot.:pinkiesmile:

5051455 probably for the big party that sweetie belle sang at in the last story.

AWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEAAAH! Get hyped everypony! This is what I wanted!

Scoot, learn to control your melons, filly. :trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

And a chapter, right when you promised! Huzzah!

Nice job bringing in Thunder. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Good luck. I can't wait to read it.

Pipsqueak is getting into his captain job it seems ... any posibility of other guys from ponyville appearing? or even joining?

pipsqueak is a certified badass now, I hope thunder take the offer

Ahem, hi, big fan of your story ^-^. (They are super duper XD).
I suggest you host some type of silly competition, and top ten winners create a character to join the Star Guard or cause trouble in the future. OR play minor, but recurring roles.
Why should you do this? Well, it would make the fans happy if they had a chance to help, it would create characters for you, set down the right rules and you could modify the characters, and well, who doesn't like a little competition to prove off their awesomeness? :rainbowdetermined2:
Seriously though, even if you don't use the characters as major plot important ponies, you could still use them as random ponies saying hi or giving instructions, and that is usually makes a person happy :L

None taken! :rainbowkiss:

I aim to please. (Also, I have tons of chapters just ready and waiting - I just wanted a consistent update schedule)

The idea of a competition is intriguing, but I've never done one before (and I'm not even sure how it would be conducted/judged). Do you have any ideas/experience with that? I'm more than happy to try this! :rainbowkiss:


Oh, yay. I won't have to wait forever for an update!


^ This guy has the the right idea.

I think you could have it like say, write up a little something, mostly a one shot. I mean what happened in Canterlot was a pretty big deal. You could either:
A. Have them try and pick any character whatsoever and write about that character's experiences during that debacle.
B. Pick a character, canon or otherwise, and make up an interesting dream you think they'd have as well as how the Nightmare forces could influence them. Or,
C. If they're not writers, they could hand you their best theory that might fit with the canon.

I'm just about to go to bed, I'm tired. Don't judge me if these are terrible. On the other hand, if they're good, I have no problem with you letting me know :D

Yup, many other ponies from Ponyville will be appearing in the fic. :rainbowkiss:

Can't wait for Tiaras and silver's reaction when Scootaloo saves them and not only finding that they are part of the royal guard but have a lot of contact with one of the princesses

I love it. I can't wait to see more. I have nothing else to say but you deserve praise so here you go.

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