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I write in my free time, just for the sake of it. I also like to draw here and there, mostly the Cmc or background characters. I'm a huge fangirl, and a part time otaku. And YouTube Trash ;P


If it wasn't obvious enough, you should definitely read the first story, My Player Number Two and then the sequel A Wedding to Remember this is the third story, and I highly advise you to read the first two first. (My Player Number Two is the first story.)

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash have been married for four years now. They're now preparing to become parents for their first foal. But with Sweetie Belle's new emotions, and Button Mash's paranoia, can the two do it? Fortunately, they have help from their friends and family. Filled with emotional heartbreak, and happiness, read along as these two prepare for an experience that they will never forget. WARNING: May contain sexual content, and blood, though highly unlikely. Read for yourself. I'll leave it on Teen anyway.

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Err...I know about Minecraft but lots of people do as well but except that I don't know any references. Soz

Wrong reference, it's something else, probably should've mentioned it.:twilightblush:6070886

Okay, one thing that needs addressing, there is a space between Sweetie and Belle as well as Button and Mash. It is not SweetieBelle/ButtonMash, but rather Sweetie Belle and Button Mash. Same goes for Apple Bloom, it's not Applebloom, it's Apple Bloom, two words.

I know, but I just go with it. I'll try and fix it. Thanks for the help.6075729


I get that you like the story but you like the fact that they lost their foal?:rainbowhuh:6088833

Fifty shades of grey????

No. You're really close though keep trying and I forgot to mention that if your oc isn't you're profile picture, that you have to send me a message describing.6089473

No, But you're REALLY close though.:pinkiehappy:6089473

Must be a glitch>>6090926

6091634 Wait, is it another book in the trilogy like Fifty Shades Freed?

No, it has more than three books, you're close though.6091672

Come on guys, it's in the first Chapter, not the prologue.:facehoof:

6091675 Ok, so it's in the series or not?

6093010 It couldn't, by any chance, be Twilight right?

Lol I'm guessing no hint for the reference?

Congrats Phoenix, you're going to be in the story! And nice oc.6094643

6095518 Wait, I won? So, Twilight was also a fanfic?

Not technically, fifty shades of gray started as a fanfic for Twilight. But then the author of the fanfic had to take it down due to certain content, the author then published it and it became one of the best selling books. Thanks to Twilight, which does not suck in my opinion.6095525

6095548 Oh ok, thanks for the info!!!

Well that was a hard steely punch in the feels:applecry: Poor Sweetie Belle and Button Mash.

6089442 Of course not, I just think it's wonderfully written:ajsmug:

Wait a second, I guessed as well, I knew. I hope this doesn't sound selfish, but, can I be in it? Or is it not possible for more than one OC to be in it?:rainbowhuh:

You're aware that I said one oc right? Unless Phoenix doesn't mind, if he doesn't, ANYONE who can get the reference before chapter six is out can be in it. Unless Phoenix says so otherwise.:twilightsmile:

Wow, did you come up with the song yourself? GENIUS! :twistnerd:

Oh, oh well, glad I guessed, it was fun - besides it isn't about being in it, its about the story.:twilightsmile:
I enjoyed the contest, though. And keep up with your story, and don't rush because you want the story out, take your time with and make it great.:ajsmug:

Oh, their foal died... :fluttershbad:

Thanks! Amazing chapter! I wonder what's gonna happen next...

Yay! Thanks for including me! Great chapter! Nice to see other ponies people found the reference!

I sure am glad that some people could get the reference, :raritystarry:6102808

6103375 Lol I thought that first it was Twilight but then I thought it was a fanfic XD I could've won it sooner if I followed my gut!!!

This is my most disliked story ever:twilightoops:, do you guys have any suggestions to help me improve?:pinkiesad2:

6106418 I don't see why people dislike it, I think its great. Keep up the good work!:yay:

*slams table and fires 'Shotty' in random directions*Faust damnit!

I have a bio for the foal!
... Is it good that I want to insert my own OC?
(PM me if you want that bio)

Nice to hear from you again Button Mash, and no it's not weird to want your oc in the story, but I don't think so. Thanks by the way:twilightsmile:6109136

Filly! Sweetie Belle already lost the first one, why not have another? :ajsmug: it would be adorkable! :twistnerd:

Hmm... I don't know...

I'm sorry that the updates aren't really frequent, and though I could tell you why, I think that it would only be fair to say that I'm a pretty lazy person, and I update out of hobby. Plus I mostly procrastinate. And wow 200 views?!:raritystarry::yay: Thanks guys. For waiting so patiently and liking and commenting. It really does help. Before this can get anymore sappy, I'll end it here. Till next time.

-Candy :heart::twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

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