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Player Number Three - Candy-Sweets_12

SweetieBelle and ButtonMash are preparing to be parents for their first foal.With Sweetie's new emotions,and ButtonMash's work schedule,can the two do it?Fortunately,they have friends and family on their side.Warning:May contain sexual, bloody topics

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Chapter 7

Sweetie was awakened by a rapid knock on the door. Groaning, she slowly stood up on her hooves, followed by another round of rapid knocking. "Hold on!" Sweetie shouted. "I'm coming!" She swung open the door; angry at whoever in the name of Tartarus would bother her at this time. But her expression softened when she saw her life-long friend; fellow Wonderbolt, Scootaloo.

"Sweetie Belle! I need your advice!" The pacing mare said. Prancing in a way that seemed nearly impossible at such speeds.

"First of all, calm down. Second what's wrong?" Sweetie asked as she immediately started to feel weary. Scootaloo took a deep breath.

"Today is my first time not attending a Wonderbolt's show that I made a routine for. And I'm itching for my wings to flap." she explained.

"Why don't you do it then?"

"Rumble says that it may not be a good decision since it could cause physical damage to our foal, but I want to fly! What should I do? Could I need a spell or some medical treatment of some sort? Or maybe-" She stopped when the unicorn stuffed an apple she had levitated into her mouth. Stopping the talkative mare.

"Listen," Sweetie Belle said as Scootaloo took the apple and chewed whatever bit of it was in her mouth. Smiling at the sweet taste of the juicy treat. "You're over-reacting. Rumble's right for you to be gentle, but you can exercise as well, just sleep when you're tired and don't eat too many sweets, and you'll be fine. Now let me finish my nap please." Sweetie Belle stammered out.

The pegasus blushed and took another bite into the apple. "Ayihng els?" she said with a full mouth.

"Come again?" The pink and purple maned equine said, showing obvious signs that she was growing impatient in the doorway. Scootaloo swallowed.

"Anything else?" Scootaloo asked again.

"Make sure you have Rumble around when you start getting head aches or back pain." Sweetie Belle recommended.

"Ok, thanks Sweetie, I owe you one." The purple headed equine said as she slowly hovered above the ground; already taking Sweetie Belle's advice.

"No problem, just next time try to get Button if you need something." Sweetie Belle said before closing the door. Glancing at the clock, she went to the kitchen to take her medicine. As it was required to eat with meals or at 3-4 times a day. Sweetie let out and sigh as she felt a thankfully small headache come along. Ever since she announced she was expecting a month before, she'd get them everyday.

"I really hate these symptoms." Sweetie Belle said to an empty house before taking a gulp of the medicine, followed quickly by water. 'I wish that Button were here instead of buying groceries.' She thought as she sat back on the couch. She laid to her side and fell back asleep after taking a few of the sweet apples in the bowl on the coffee table in front of her.

Button winced as he saw his wife stir after opening the door to their house. She then resumed back to her regular smile. He silently blew a quick sigh of relief as he closed the door with his back leg. Walking into the kitchen, Button stored the goods away. Most being either ice cream, candy, or fruits, anything that was sweet or was Sweetie Belle's usual cravings. Button sighed at how urgently he had to go to the store since Sweetie ate mostly everything that was delicious.

He heard stirring, followed by groaning from the next room as Sweetie Belle rolled off of the couch. She called out for Button Mash. He turned around and said, "I'm here, do you need something?" he stated, stepping out of the kitchen.

"My head really hurts, did you get any ice cream by any chance?" She asked. Button chuckled.

"Yeah, I also got frozen yogurt for you." He smiled when he saw Sweetie come out of the kitchen levitating a big spoon and a gallon of frozen yogurt sprinkled with cookie pieces from the cookie jar. She smiled as she heard another knock on the door. Button went to go answer it while Sweetie Belle grabbed her laptop levitating the spoon and container with her magic and played an online video game in an unspoken agreement. Button found a blushing Rarity as she stood with her two children.

"Terribly sorry, but do you two mind watching Platinum Jewel and Jasper, it'll only be a few hours or so, Fancy Pants and I need to attend the Canterlot Boutique and the babysitter cancelled. Everyone else was busy, so..."

"It's ok Rarity, we'll watch them," Sweetie Belle said from the couch.

"Thank you so much, Sweetie. I really appreciate this." Rarity said. She kissed her children's heads and made them promise they'd behave.

"We promise." They said.

"Pinkie Promise?" Everyone paused when they saw a pink head pop out from a plant outside, Cupcake cradled in her arms and squinting with her mother.

"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" The children synchronized. Pinkie smiled.

"Okie-Dokie-Lokie!" her daughter cooed. Pinkie smiled wider and disappeared back into the ground.

"How did she-" Button began. Rarity looked up at him and said,

"That's just Pinkie Pie." she said. "I really must be running off now, I'll see you in a few hours!" Rarity called put, as she already started running home.

"Have fun!" Button called out after her. He closed the door behind the two young unicorns; who stared up at their uncle.

"What do we do now?" Rarity's daughter elegantly squeaked. The same accent from her mother, yet the same squeak from her aunt.

"We can play a videogame." Sweetie Belle said before Button could suggest.

"Dang it!" Button said as once again his own niece won first place in Mareio Kart. She giggled. "You're pretty skillful with your magic." He said complementing the seven year old. She blushed.

"Auntie Twilight likes to teach me magic, every once in a while I still get magic surges from the ground, though my horn always does it on it's own." she explained.

"How about you?" Sweetie Belle said to Jasper, who was sitting on the couch with her.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean do you do any magic? Can you do anything like that?" she questioned. The colt shook his head.

"No ma'am, I do take quite an interest to fashion though." he answered.

'Like mother, like son.' she thought as she looked at the lavender maned unicorn. She smiled.

"What about you? How are you Auntie Sweetie Belle?" he asked. Everyone turned to Sweetie Belle, who knew what they were referring to. She turned her head to look at her stomach.

"The foal is fine, I just miss the first one." she said. Her nephew sensed she was upset and kindly scooted up to her as a form of comfort. Sweetie smiled. I was supposed to get it the next day you know..." she said.

"Get what?" Button explained.

"When a pregnant mare is 5,7, and 9 months, they have to take medicine to keep the baby alive, unfortunately..."

The unicorn filly interrupted seeing her favorite aunt with a tear in her eye and immediately said; "I'm hungry, do you have anything we can eat?" she said.

Button stood up and went into the kitchen to prepare for dinner, it was around the time he and Sweetie usually ate anyway. He went into the kitchen to make tomato soup while Sweetie got to work on the one thing she couldn't burn, salad. Once she was done and the soup was brewing, they ate the salad at the dining table, which held four chairs. Finishing just in time for the soup to be done.

They ate in lively silence, not saying a word. Sweetie Belle saw her niece yawn, signaling she was tired. After dinner, she lifted the now sleeping foal into her bedroom, where she slept soundly. She shut the door and turned to the others.

"I'm going to get a drink of water," she said looking at the clock. Sweetie went into the kitchen, and came out a minute later to find Jasper playing Minecraft on Sweetie's laptop and speaking into the headphone set.

"Take that creeper!" he shouted. He looked up at Sweetie Belle who shushed him.

"You're sister is trying to sleep." She reminded him as she sat on the couch next to him.

"Sorry." he replied in his Canterlot accent. Sweetie smiled and levitated a pillow over to her head for her to lay on. She took deep breaths feeling like she couldn't breath every once in a while. Her nephew new she was ok though, having seen his own mom do it before, along with her friends. Soon, Jasper grew tired, and although he kept fighting the urge, his head eventually fell on his forelegs and he drifted off to sleep.

Sweetie smiled as she levitated her nephew into bed and fixed the blankets for him as he slept next to his sister. She shut off the light and left a crack in the door for Platinum. She trotted down stairs. "They're asleep." she said to Button, who nodded and went back to the game software he was making. Sweetie sat back on the couch.

"Do you think we'd make good parents one day?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"I hope so." Button thought as he leaned back in his chair. Sweetie groaned.

"You ok?" Button asked. Sweetie sighed.

"Just another headache, wow this one is worse than the last one. Speaking of symptoms, where's my yogurt?"

"In the freezer." Button answered automatically.

Sweetie disappeared and came back with the same tub of yogurt as before. "Man I miss milkshakes." she said before shoveling the frozen treat into her mouth. Button chuckled.

"Yeah, so do I." he switched off his laptop and sat next to Sweetie Belle on the couch. She pushed him away. "I feel a bit sick, so maybe later." she said. Button understood and scooted away. Fortunately, Rarity knocked on the door. Giving Sweetie Belle a chance to scoot away from Button since she was feeling sick around him.

"Thank you so much Sweetie." Rarity said after Sweetie opened the door. Seeing the light shade of green on her face she stepped inside to get her foals. "Where are they?" Rarity asked as she looked around the room for sleeping foals.

"In our room." Button said as he stood up to show her. Following close behind, she found her foals sleeping underneath the blankets. Rarity smile as she placed her daughter on her back and woke up her son.

"You two will make wonderful parents." Rarity said to Button as she walked cautiously out into the cool night.

The next day, Button Mash and Sweetie Belle were out to have a picnic at the tree where they met. Sweetie watched as little foals played around in the few leaves that fell to the ground and smiled at how playful they were. She the sighed and thought about her child; just as playful and mischievous. Button noticed the far away look on Sweetie's face and reached into the basket and pulled out two milkshakes.

"I know that it's not the season for it," He said catching her attention. "but you said you missed them." He said giving her the vanilla flavored treat. Sweetie Belle smiled and took it. "Thanks Button," she said as she took another long sip of the thick milkshake.

She looked at the tree and placed a hoof on it. "Just like your proposal." she smiled.

"Remember the wedding reception?" Button said. "Talk about drama."

"Well no one said there can ever be a wedding without family drama." Sweetie Belle said.

"Remember Spike?" Button said.

"Of course, I still feel bad about that though."

"There's nothing to be worried about, nothing bad happened." Button said.

Spike was at the refreshments table, watching from afar as Rarity danced with Fancy Pants, Fluttershy with Discord, Twilight with Flash, Pip and Apple Bloom where talking with their old friend Dinky. Everyone there was laughing and having a good time. Spike sighed as he placed his head in his claw, and swirled the ladle to the punch around. He suddenly heard a very familiar voice. "You ok, Spike?" a hesitant Sweetie Belle asked him. She looked at the purple dragon, with his sharp scales and black tuxedo. She was glad that her friend could come to her wedding.

"I'm fine, just a bit tired." he lied.

"Well... ok, I really hope that you can enjoy the rest of the reception." Sweetie Belle said sweetly. Spike grew anxious, he had been avoiding the truth for ten years, and now was the worst time to say it, but he had to, it was as though it was destiny.

"Sweetie Belle?" he said to the mare as she turned around. He looked up at her. "I really am happy for you, and I'm glad that you invited me here as a friend, but the truth is, I've had stronger feelings for you ever since I told Rarity how I felt about her. But then she told me that she thought of me more as a brother, but that we could still be friends. After that, I realized that I've had a crush on you since Princess Cadence's wedding, but Rarity's was too strong for me too realize. To be honest, I still had feelings all this time." The dragon looked down expecting a scolding, a slap, and worse, disappointment. But none of which came. Instead he looked up to find a smile and understanding in her eyes.

"Truth be told Spike, I had a crush on you ever since the wedding too. But I never mentioned it since you had much stronger feeling for Rarity than with me, so, I had to learn to move on. I met Button, and now I'm the happiest mare in the world. It's your turn." Sweetie Belle said wisely. Spike was surprised at how much the mare had truly changed not only in appearance, but knowledge.

'She's really changed.' he thought.

Sweetie looked to see a dragon with pink hair and wings wearing a flame like dress.

"Who's that?" Sweetie Belle asked, turning her head to the familiar dragon.

"That's just Mina, she's an old friend of mine and I invited her here since she was really excited about it."

"Of course! How could I forget her? Do you think she's cute?" Sweetie Belle asked quickly in a rush of words. Spike sighed happily just as she went back to her usual self.

"She's pretty, especially her sapphire eyes." Spike said.

"Do you have a lot in common?"

"We love to talk about comics, and I write to her a lot." Spike said. "Why?'

"You should ask her out." Sweetie Belle grinned.

"What? No, I couldn't, it would just be-"

"You need to move on Spike, and now is better of a time than any." Sweetie explained.

"I can't do this." Spike said.

"Then she'll come to you. Hey Mina!" The dragon fixed her sapphire eyes on the two and walked over, it was too late to move now. "Spike here was just telling me about you, you must be a dear friend to him." she said.

"Oh yes, I love Spike, he's so funny and helpful!" The dragon said cheerfully. "Can I get your autograph?" she asked taking out a cd for Sweetie Belle to sign. Sweetie gladly took it and signed her name. The dragon hugged it close to her chest, and blew flame on the cd ( from the trick Spike had taught her) that sent it home. "I think Spike here would like to say something, it was nice meeting you." Sweetie Belle said before walking off. Leaving the two dragons alone.

"...and the rest is history, now Spike and Mina live together, it's a shame they couldn't make it to the party last month." Sweetie said as she drained her milkshake. Button took out another milkshake for her, making her smile with delight.

"You know me so well." Sweetie Belle said.

Author's Note:

Do you think that it was a good idea for Button and Sweetie to watch the foals? Let me know what you think. Now you know another reason why Sweetie had a miscarriage. One month down, another ten to go.:raritydespair::ajsleepy: Ugh. What do you guys think should happen next? Tell me in the comments if you don't mind.:fluttershyouch: With ground rules of course.:twilightsmile: Rule one : Nothing sad, Rule two : Nothing that's further from three months in the time setting (don't let the story have such a big time gap) And Rule three : No other pregnancy announcements from the mane six. (They have enough foals don't you think?) And Rule four : No blood, just a happy slice of life suggestion. I'm not asking for help with editing, or for extra writers just suggestions.

Plus, what do you think the foal should be? Filly or colt? Let me know. This is me signing off. Peace