• Published 8th Jun 2015
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Player Number Three - Candy-Sweets_12

SweetieBelle and ButtonMash are preparing to be parents for their first foal.With Sweetie's new emotions,and ButtonMash's work schedule,can the two do it?Fortunately,they have friends and family on their side.Warning:May contain sexual, bloody topics

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Chapter 3

Button Mash and Sweetie Belle were at home, and it had been a little over a month since they found out the good news. However, Sweetie found that it had it's ups and downs. She always had to go to the bathroom, her 'morning' sickness would happen several times a day, and she always got tired quickly. She had no clue how to surpass her emotions without yelling at Button, she needed to find a way to get used to them, so she went out in search of her sister and her friends.

"Where are you going?" Button asked, looking up from the pamphlet.

"I'm going to see my sister and her friends, I'm having trouble getting used to these new emotions." Sweetie said. Button recalled how when Sweetie asked him a question and he ended up with a lamp just missing his head early that day. And when Sweetie asked if she was getting fat, Button had to spend the following three days at Sweet Apple Acres. And worse situations.

"You want me to come with you?" he asked.

"No thanks, I won't be gone that long." Sweetie Belle said as she walked out into the autumn day. There were trees full of green and yellow leaves. Showing signs of the early August month. Sweetie Belle walked to her sister's house, since it was the closest. After trotting for a few minutes, she approached the door and knocked.

"Sweetie Belle, what a pleasant surprise." Rarity said.

"Hi Rarity." Sweetie Belle said as Rarity walked to the side to let her sister in.

Rarity came in after her sister and sat on the sofa next to Sweetie Belle. "What's bothering you?" she questioned. "Is everything ok?" Rarity said.

"Yes, I just have a question, how did you get through with your pregnancy?" Rarity didn't expect that question. She was a bit hesitant before answering,

"I don't think that I'm the best pony to ask." Rarity said. She then looked at Sweetie's puppy dog eyes. "Fine." she sighed. "After finding out the good news, I had an awful time with it, my hooves hurt, my headaches and back hurt terribly, and it wasn't the best. Although, I had a few tricks that helped." Rarity said.

"What are they?" Sweetie asked eagerly.

"You can walk to help you lose the weight, and try to eat as healthy as possible. If vegetables make you sick, eat fruit as much as possible, and eat plenty of yogurt if milk makes you sick. And drink plenty of water. And from what I learned, if you don't eat in big amounts, you won't get so sick all of the time." Rarity said.

"What about the headaches, or how I sometimes feel like I can't breath?" Sweetie Belle said.

"I would suggest laying down, for the headaches, but not on your back, just get as comfortable as possible and sleep when you can." Rarity said.

"What about my emotions?" Sweetie Belle said. Rarity giggled and blushed.

"I know that I shouldn't be the one to answer that question, you might want to ask Fluttershy that one." Rarity said.

"Well thank you, I'll see you later." Sweetie Belle thanked, already heading to the door.

Sweetie walked for a few minutes before thankfully seeing Fluttershy in the park instead of her far off home. She was there with her six year old Zany and her baby filly Perplexity.

"Hello Sweetie." Fluttershy greeted as she looked up from her young draconeques son.

"Hello Fluttershy," Sweetie Belle replied

"How are you and Button?" Fluttershy asked, holding up her hoof for a ladybug to land on.

"Everything is great, except for the fact that I threw a lamp near him, where's Screwball?" Sweetie answered, looking around for the eight year old.

"Oh, she's at home practicing her magic with Discord." Fluttershy said, pretending she didn't hear the lamp part.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Why, of course, what do you need?"

"How did you deal with your first pregnancy?" Sweetie asked curiously.

"Oh it wasn't the best feeling in the world, however, whenever something was wrong, Discord would always be there to help me. And I learned that too much sugar would make the baby jittery. So I would suggest fruit instead of ice cream all of the time." Fluttershy said, her daughter starting to giggle as the lady bug landed on her nose.

"How did you deal with the emotions? You know, before taking it too far especially-"

"Anger?" Fluttershy answered. Sweetie nodded.

"It depends on your personality and what your partner has to say. But I learned that taking several deep breaths, and doing something that makes me happy let's you forget whatever you were mad about." Fluttershy said, her daughter stepping over to her and looked up at her mother.

"Thanks Fluttershy," Sweetie Belle said. She stood up from her sitting position.

"Oh, and Sweetie Belle," Sweetie turned around to Fluttershy. "I know that you'd make a great mother." Fluttershy assured. She then went back to Zany, who was running around and playing too roughly for Fluttershy's comfort.

Sweetie Belle nodded and headed to Pinkie Pie's house, where she received the same words and an offering for throwing a baby shower, which Sweetie gladly accepted. From Applejack, she was told that Button should help her through it and received a basket of sweet apples. From Rainbow Dash, it was plenty of rest and a healthy diet, besides exercising of course. And from Twilight she was told to plan ahead and to do what she loves most. There were a lot of the same things thrown her way, but Sweetie decided that a few of those tips would work.

On her way home, Sweetie thought about the upcoming months. 'This will be difficult.' Sweetie thought as fatigue started to pull at her. 'Button will have to help me with everything, like running our errands, helping me feel better, and putting up with my shortcomings. I should treat him better.' Sweetie Belle thought as she opened the door to her house. 'But I should rest first.' Sweetie said as she walked over to the couch, setting the apples down on the dining table first, and then collapsed on to the sofa; getting into a comfortable position on it. Then she let fatigue pull her into a dreamless sleep.

Button was in bed when heard someone call his name from the living room. Quickly recognizing it, he ran to the living room. And found the owner of the voice on the couch dazed and confused. "What time is it?" Sweetie Belle asked. Button glanced up at the clock.

"A quarter to midnight. Do you want to come to bed?" He answered. Sweetie nodded and set her hoof on the table. She then noticed the basket of untouched apples. Picking a few up with her magic, she let Button lead her too their bedroom.

The next few weeks were a lot easier for Sweetie Belle and Button Mash. Button would help Sweetie cook and run errands, he'd also give her back rubs whenever she complained about something aching. Things were going pretty good for the two, they even went shopping for supplies, like a crib, and changing table, and with planning what room the foal would have, along with what and where things would go in it. And Sweetie Belle was getting better control of her emotions, although it didn't mean she wouldn't get frustrated. When she wasn't in a good mood, she'd sing.

Whether it was a happy or sad song, she'd always feel better about whatever got her mad in the first place. During the third month, when she started showing, she'd sing out of nowhere no matter what mood she was in. The main theme of the songs would be about an angel coming into someone's lives, clearly it was about her baby. But it all changed on one day...

I was walking around the house one day, when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. At first I thought that it was my baby's first kick, but it wasn't near my ribs, it was a sharp pain I felt. I looked down at the floor to find red blood staining the carpet.

"BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. He came running and saw me trembling and standing in the blood.

"Call 911!!!!" I screamed. Button was already at the phone dialing. His shouts into the phone fading as I started to black out. The last thing I see a scared look on Button's face as the world starts to shift.

Author's Note:

The story will switch from different points of view from time to time. In case you were wondering. Once again got help from my mom about this. And I left this at a cliff hanger because I wanted to leave you guys waiting.:pinkiecrazy: Plus, I'm going to give you guys to chapter SIX to find the reference in the first chapter. Here's a hint, it's from a famous book series that adapted into a famous movie series. And eventually inspired one of the best selling novels based off of a fan fiction for the book series. Now try and find it out. But be sure to email it to me. Like, comment and share with friends. Peace