• Published 8th Jun 2015
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Player Number Three - Candy-Sweets_12

SweetieBelle and ButtonMash are preparing to be parents for their first foal.With Sweetie's new emotions,and ButtonMash's work schedule,can the two do it?Fortunately,they have friends and family on their side.Warning:May contain sexual, bloody topics

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Chapter 1

Three Months Later

Sweetie and Button were in their house, where Sweetie had just come back from her tour three weeks before. Button woke up and realized that she wasn't with him. He quickly got out of bed to find Sweetie Belle in the bathroom.

"Don't come in!" Sweetie said after hearing a knock on the door. Button came in anyway.

"Through sickness and in health Belle," Button replied, crouching down in front of her. Sweetie smiled at how Button used his nickname for her.

"I just got sick, that's all. It must be something I ate the other day." she said dismissively.

"Do you still feel sick?" he asked.

"No, I think that I'm going to go to the store though." Sweetie said, leaving Button in the bathroom wordless and curious.

"I'll take this." Sweetie said to the store clerk. The clerk didn't seem to find it strange that Sweetie had just bought a pregnancy test and only asked for money. Sweetie Belle felt relieved that she didn't ask her about it.

Sweetie walked home slowly taking the scenic route as she tried to avoid showing how excited she was.

"Hey Sweetie Belle, what's up?" Scootaloo, who swooped from above said.

"Oh, I'm just taking some errands home, you?" she asked as the pegasus walked with her.

"Nothing really, still practicing with the Wonderbolts and all, and still trying to get used to the married life. How's Button doing?" she explained.

"He's fine," Sweetie replied. The two mares walked and talked until their destination came into view. Before flying off, Scootaloo asked Sweetie if she could join her and Apple Bloom for lunch in the park.

"That would be wonderful." she said, She then stepped into the house where she found Button Mash sitting on the couch.

"Hey Sweetie Belle, where've you been?"

"I went to the store to get something, remember?" Sweetie asked with a smile, hiding the item behind her back.

"Oh, yeah. Hey, you want to play Minecraft?" Button asked as Sweetie quickly took a turn for the bathroom.

"Yeah, sure."

Sweetie Belle stared at the test in the sink. 'Is it true?' she thought. 'Can it really be true? Am I really seeing a plus sign right now?' Sweetie then smiled and decided that she would tell Button on his birthday next week.

"Button, which mod do you want to play?" she asked as she walked back to the couch.

"Any." Button replied as he plugged in the gaming system.

"Hey guys," Sweetie Belle said, sitting on the blanket. "Sorry I'm late, I got a bit too caught up in Minecraft." she explained with an embarrassed blush.

"Don't worry about it." Apple Bloom assured her. She took out an apple pie, which made Sweetie Belle's mouth water.

"Are...you ok?" Apple Bloom asked splitting the treat into thirds.

"Huh? Oh yeah." Sweetie said as her eyes followed the pie a it was passed around. She was painstakingly last. When her friends noticed how quickly she ate it, they showed clear signs of worry.

"Are you ok Sweetie? You eating at home?" Scootaloo said as Sweetie Belle licked up the last of the ice cream that was on it.

"Oh, never better." she said as she looked inside the basket and pulled out a salad, which she devoured just as quickly.

"Ya mind tellin' us what is going on?" Apple Bloom asked. Sweetie looked up at her friends. And decided to tell them the good news.

"Girls, I'm pregnant!" Sweetie exclaimed.

The two mares were shocked at first, before they then burst with a bunch of excited questions.

"How long have you known?"

"Did you tell Button?"

"What about Rarity have you told her?"

"What's it like?"

More and more questions were thrown her way. "Girls, I'll tell you the answers later, but right now let's just keep it between us until Button's birthday." Sweetie explained.

"Wow! Ah' can't believe that you're going to be a parent! It feels just like yesterday that we were trying to get our cutiemarks. But look at us now, married and having kids, with the careers of our dreams." Apple Bloom said.

"I know! Isn't it exciting?" Sweetie Belle said.

"Congratulations, Sweets." Scootaloo said wholeheartedly.

"Thanks, you girls are the best." Sweetie said as she hugged them.

"Ya know, if you want the rest of what's in the basket you could just ask." Apple Bloom said as she saw Sweetie Belle's mouth watering.

"Thanks girls." Sweetie said while blushing and devouring whatever was in it.

Author's Note:

If any of you can get the reference, you automatically get into the story.:raritywink: Pretty much a slice of life chapter. Thank you so much for reading. I would like to hear what you all thought about it in the comments. And like and share if you want to. Peace.