• Published 8th Jun 2015
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Player Number Three - Candy-Sweets_12

SweetieBelle and ButtonMash are preparing to be parents for their first foal.With Sweetie's new emotions,and ButtonMash's work schedule,can the two do it?Fortunately,they have friends and family on their side.Warning:May contain sexual, bloody topics

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Chapter 6

"...that your foal has a slim chance of making it through the pregnancy. And if it survives, there's a small chance that it could take your life as well since the damage was a bit more severe than we thought." I looked down. Her ears drooped as I told her the unfortunate news.

"What can I do to make sure my foal stays alive?" She asked confidently. I give her a prescription and tell her to get plenty of rest, and not to move or stretch out on her stomach.

"Doc?" she asked before leaving.

"Yes?" I ask looking up from the clipboard.

"Can we keep this between you and me, just for now? I don't want my husband to worry about me." I smile and nod.

"Of course." I say. The mare leaves hurriedly and I glimpse at my cutiemark. I make ponies healthy, 'I make them smile after I take away their pain.' I look out after the mare, 'Whether it's emotional or physical.'

Sweetie Belle went out again; careful not to walk too quickly and headed to the farm. She was nearly ran over by the current Crusaders, who had adopted the club's traditions, the original crusaders were allowed to come in at any time and were addressed as 'Cutiemark Seniors' But she wasn't there for the club, no, she was there to see Apple Bloom who was tending to the clubhouse structure.

"Hey Sweetie, ya need somethin'?" she asked, spitting out the nails she had in her mouth.

"I wanted to tell you some great news." Sweetie Belle said as she motioned to the pregnant mare. Apple Bloom came down. Sweetie Belle saw several pairs of curious eyes staring from the windows and behind the door. And heard some giggles and chuckles from behind the shutters.

"I need your help with something big at home." Sweetie said playfully. Apple Bloom caught on and joined in.

"Ok, let's keep it between you and me, I won't tell anypony, I promise." Apple Bloom said. Sweetie chuckled when she heard little gasps from behind the door and smiled when she saw the little pairs of eyes go inside.

"Ok, the truth is that I'm pregnant again, and I want you to come with me to tell Scoots." Sweetie whispered. Apple Bloom silently gasped and covered her mouth as a big smile appeared.

"Ok let's go," Apple Bloom said. She smiled when she saw the crusaders come out again from the corner of her eyes.

Scootaloo poked her head over the cloud where she heard the little shouts. "What's going on guys? I was taking a nap." Scootaloo said as she hung her arms of the edge of the cloud. Sweetie noticed a giant bush moving a little to the side.

"We need your help with something, did you tell Rainbow Dash about the big surprise yet?" Sweetie called up.


"Ya mind helping us with our important project then?" Apple Bloom said. Scootaloo looked confused until she saw Apple Bloom nod her head slightly to the bush and Sweetie Belle wink. Scootaloo realized the current Crusaders were there and probably trying to get detective cutiemarks.

"Sure, I'll be right down there just give me a sec." Scootaloo momentarily left and when she appeared again, and flew down to her friends. The former Crusaders giggled once they saw the bush move back to it's original place. And saw a red cape hop behind a plant pot.

The mares all giggled and tried to look as suspicious as possible. "Looks like we've got some followers." Sweetie whispered with a smile. They headed to Pinkie's house, and Apple Bloom was milking it a bit when she stuck her head out to as though she were looking for someone. Then closed the door suspiciously. The mares giggled again.

Pinkie Pie came from upstairs holding her daughter Cupcake. The little filly got her name since her mane represented a cupcake with sprinkles in it. Although the sprinkles came from the sprinkle jar Pinkie had for baking that the little filly managed to get in.

"Hello girls, I'm guessing you wanted me to do that secret?" Pinkie Pie asked. The mares nodded.

"Pinkie Pie, you never fail to get it right." Scootaloo said.

"I'll gather the girls and meet you at the house in a hour!" Pinkie said. Her daughter giggled when she saw her brother poke his head in from the window. And pointed.

"Cheesy!" She said. The mares giggled.

"No, Cupcake, you brother is out Crusading." Pinkie said.

The mares headed toward Sweetie Belle's house.

"Ah' need to get Pip, I'll see ya'll in an hour." Apple Bloom said, before they parted ways.

"I'll go get Rumble, see you in a bit, Sweetie Belle." Scootaloo said. Sweetie Belle walked home. And heard little tiny hoof steps. She continued casually forward, making a few abrupt stops to tease the foals following her. She eventually made it home, where she approached Button Mash.

"Hey Button, "She said as she kissed his cheek.

"What's the occasion?" he replied.

"We're going to have company over soon, and I'm feeling really tired, so can you please tidy up?" She asked.

"Sure. Anything else?" he asked.

"No, I'm just going to take a short nap, I've been walking all day."

An hour later, Pinkie Pie arrived with Cheese, her daughter, and a party cannon. "Let's do this!" Pinkie said. She activated her party canon and decorations appeared everywhere that had a big 'Congratulations!!!' On them.

"What are those for?" Button Mash.

"Whoopsie! Guess I used the wrong decorations." Pinkie Pie said with a grin. The door bell rang. "Too late to change them."

Sweetie Belle went over to the door and opened it to find Scootaloo, Rumble, and Rainbow Dash's family with three other pegasi.

The first she recognized as one of the Wonderbolts, Phoenix, he looked a lot like Spitfire, and had a mane and wings, that resembled fire. He definitely lived up to his name.

The second was an orange pegasus mare with a red and black mane that somewhat resembled Vinyl Scratch's. She had a ring on the tip of her ear that matched her silver eyes.

The third was a bluish-gray pegasus stallion with dark red and light gray short cropped mane and tail. He had light blue eyes.

"Hey, Sweetie, we brought a few friends of ours, you already know Phoenix, This is Rose Fire, and Nick." Scootaloo said.

"Nice to meet you three." Sweetie Belle said.

"It's nice to be here. "Phoenix said.

Sweetie Belle stepped to the side to let them all in. Rainbow Dash landed on the ground. Her daughter heading off to the candy table. "Hey Sweetie, thanks for welcoming us." she said.

"No problem."

Soon the doorbell rang again and Button opened it to see Fluttershy and Rarity's families.

"Hello Button Mash, thanks for inviting us." They carried three gifts.

"You didn't have to bring gifts," Button Mash said.

"We don't mind," Fluttershy said as they walked in with their families.

The doorbell rang again and Button once again answered it, This time it was Twilight, Applejack, and Apple Bloom's families standing with them was a unicorn who was talking with Twilight. Button Mash remembered it being the unicorn from the hospital.

"Hey Button, congrats." Twilight said. They all walked in, the multi-colored maned unicorn who Button realized had a bit of red with the purple in her mane, came up with a notepad and camera.

"Hi, I'm Candy, I'm supposed to do a column about recent celebrity activity and I was wondering if you would let me stay for a while. Button thought about it.

"Sure, as long as you don't make up any lies, stay as long as you want." The unicorn walked around and asked questions as well as took a few pictures, she even had a few fangirl moments when she came across a few celebrities.

Button walked over to Sweetie Belle. "Sweetie Belle, what exactly are we celebrating?"

"Oh I have a new promotion for my singing career, so I asked Pinkie to help me celebrate." The mare lied.

"Ok then." he said.

Outside the current Crusaders were planning what to do.

"Maybe they're apart of some secret society, and everyone there is a member!" Screwball said.

"That's ridiculous!" Applejack's son said. "Maybe they're just trying to do somethin' important."

"Johnny's right," Twilight's daughter said. "They're just having a party."

"Whatever it is, we'll figure it out and get our cutiemarks!" Rarity's daughter said.

"And sweets!" Cheesecake said.

"Let's go then!" Rainbow's daughter said as she rushed to the door. Followed by the others. Their older siblings, looked at each other, shook their heads and followed them in. Knocking on the door, it was answered by Apple Bloom.

"Hey kids, where've you been?" she asked.

"Crusading for our cutiemarks of course!" Cheese cake exclaimed.

"Come on in, we're about to do the big surprise your aunt Sweetie Belle has."

The foals all looked at each other worriedly. Apple Bloom hid her smile when she saw their faces. Once inside, the children went around the room. Cheesecake at the candy table where he ate to his heart's contempt. The oldest of the bunch talked with each other as the younger Crusaders ran around the room.

After Cheerilee and Big Macintosh, along with her other friends, and her and Button's parents came in, Sweetie Belle stood and called for everyone's attention. "Attention everypony, I'd like to reveal the surprise." she said, standing on a step of the staircase.

She motioned her friends to her side and smiled when she saw a nervous or anxious look on the current Crusaders.

"We're expecting!" they said in unison.

The unicorn mare snapped pictures and wrote like mad. Especially making sure she had a few pictures of the look on Button's face. Many of them cheered and smiled, others stood in shock or disbelief, (current Crusaders) while many just congratulated them.

Button came up to Sweetie Belle and smiled. "This is really true?" he asked. Sweetie smiled and nodded. Out of nowhere, Button kissed her straight on the lips, and didn't seem to notice the camera taking several pictures. After a few short seconds he pulled back and smiled.

"You had this whole thing set up didn't you?" Button asked. Sweetie once again nodded and smiled.

"We were supposed to have our first baby shower today, but after... you know... and figuring out I was pregnant again, I asked Pinkie Pie to keep the party going. I have no idea where the gifts came from."

"Those are for the original shower, but of course I told everyone to bring their original gifts. It was just a hunch." Pinkie said everyone turning to her. Waving her hoof at the last few words.

Twilight smiled. "Oh Pinkie," she said.

"Can we continue with the party?" Cheesecake asked.

"Yes, let's do that." Sweetie Belle said.

Later that evening, everyone went home to rest for the night. And once again, thanked the young couple for inviting them. Pinkie Pie promising to throw Scootaloo and Apple Bloom a shower as well.

"Thanks for coming!" Sweetie Belle said as the last of her family went out. From behind her the reporter came.

"Hi, Sweetie Belle, can I ask a few questions? I need to interview you for a newspaper." she asked.


"Do you know when you are due?" She asked holding out a tape recorder.

"No I don't know the exact date, but I'm positive it's eleven months."

"Ok, how did you feel when you saw everyone's reaction after they heard the good news?"

"I felt really happy. I caught them off their guard. Especially Button."

"What do you think the foal will look like?"

"I honestly don't care, as long as it's my foal, I wouldn't care if they had dragon scales."

"Will this take most of the attention from your career?"

"Yes, I believe so, at least two years from any tours. But that doesn't mean I won't be writing any songs for my fans. I'll need to contact my manager."

"Ok, that's all I need, thank you very much." The unicorn mare said. She stood up from the table and left.

"Thanks for coming!" Sweetie called after her. She closed the door and looked up at the clock. 'I'd better take my medicine before I forget.' She walked into the kitchen and got a hold of a glass that she filled with water with her magic. She took a tablet from the container and quickly swallowed it with water gagging at the terrible taste. She then hid the container where it originally was.

'I'm doing this for you my angel.' She said looking down at her stomach.

Author's Note:

I'm aware that the chapter seems really cliché but I figured that the former crusaders were around the same age, so why not their kids? It seems really cute, I'm keeping it. If you don't like it put on some digital sunglasses and deal with it.:rainbowdetermined2: I admit, not my best chapter. But I wanted to include an insight on the current Crusaders adventures, and add the contest winners, sorry if it wasn't the chapter you expected. Tell me what you thought below. And share with a friend about this story. This is me signing off, Peace.