• Published 8th Jun 2015
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Player Number Three - Candy-Sweets_12

SweetieBelle and ButtonMash are preparing to be parents for their first foal.With Sweetie's new emotions,and ButtonMash's work schedule,can the two do it?Fortunately,they have friends and family on their side.Warning:May contain sexual, bloody topics

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Chapter 4

The scared look on Button's face, the world shifting, it all started to fade away until the Celestial plane; a place I've visited once before, took it's place. There was a little light brown unicorn foal running around and playing on the steady stars, I tried running to it, thinking it must be my foal, that I had to make sure it was at least ok. The foal didn't look at me, and only ran away. I started chasing after it, and soon I started gaining on it. We were nearing the end of the end of the star trail. It then hopped off of the stars, and grew wings that appeared from nowhere. The foal laughing all the while. It turned around, and I saw that it was like an angel, the angel that starred in my songs.

She had unmistakable green eyes, and a light pink and orange curly mane. She was my daughter; my angel. She flapped her tiny wings, and she started to fly. "No! Please come back!" She only giggled and flew higher. By the time I got to her, I only felt the cool touch of her wings as she flew higher and higher until she faded away in the starry sky, bringing all of the color and beauty with her. I felt like I was in nothing, I wasn't falling or floating, I was just in black nothingness; alone and daughterless. I sobbed until a flash of blue light showed off in the distance, revealing Princess Luna.

"I'm sorry for your lost , Sweetie Belle." she said. "But you must stay strong for Button. You may no longer have this angel, but you still have Button." I looked up to her.

"What if I'm no longer able to be a parent? What if we can never have a foal?" I choke.

"I may not know what will happen in the future, but I know, that you can't let this loss break you, your daughter is an angel, and is in a happy place. Be strong Sweetie Belle. Destiny will find it's way, and maybe, one day you will become a parent. The darkness started to swirl around her as a light shown through it, taking in Princess Luna.

"Be strong Sweetie Belle!" she called out as the darkness disappeared. Turning into a hospital room. I woke up in a hospital bed, an IV was strapped to m hoof. I looked around for Button to find him outside talking with two doctors.

"My baby," I say loud enough for them to hear. Button looks towards me and runs to my side.

"Sweetie Belle! Thank Celestia you're ok." he says as a happy tear falls on the sheets, staining it.

"The baby." I manage to say again, my voice cracked. Button looked down, as though he were hoping I'd avoid the question.

"Sweetie Belle..." he paused. He then began to talk again.

As I spoke, I noticed the pained expression on Sweetie Belle's face. Once I was done telling her the news I've been told, a few tears were flowing down her face. I expected her to start sobbing, but other than the few tears, she remained expressionless. A nurse came in.

"I sure do hope that this isn't a bad time, but there's a lot of ponies in the waiting room, and half of them are reporters, should I ask them to leave?"

"No," Sweetie said. "Tell them the truth Button, that we've been hiding our secret from the public the past few months, and the bad news." I stare at her.

"Are you sure?" she just nods. I start walking towards the door, and I already hear a bunch of reporters interviewing our families and friends. Good thing we told them to keep it a secret. That wasn't what bothered me though, it was the fact that Sweetie showed lack of any emotion. 'What is going on in her head?' I think, before I'm swallowed by a bunch of questions.

"Button Mash, is Sweetie Belle alright?"

"Is she sick?"

"Will she ever be able to sing again?" The questions were thrown at me one by one, getting more and more ridiculous each time.

"Calm down everypony, Sweetie Belle is fine, she was just inured, that's all."

"Can we talk with her?" A reporter asked.

"Sorry, but family and friends only." A nurse called. They all groaned.

"Why is she in the hospital?" One brown unicorn with a brown, pink, and blue mane with a purple bang asked. Her question silenced the whole room.

"Well..." I start. 'Tell them the truth' Sweetie's words came to mind. "She was pregnant, but something happened, and we lost the foal." Everyone stood in either shock, sadness, or they couldn't believe it. Our family and friends stood with tears in their eyes, Pinkie Pie especially showing waterworks.

The reporters were writing like mad in their notebooks. Some were asking a bunch of questions, while others showed they were sorry for the lost. One in particular had tears in their eyes.

Once they got what they needed, they walked out, some even shaking my hoof and others saying they were sorry. After they walked out, I walked up to our family.

"Is it true?" Rarity asked. I only looked down. That's when everyone truly started to cry. Rarity hugging her crying daughter close, and my mother hiding her face in my dad's fur. Pinkie Pie would've flooded the place if it weren't for Cheese comforting her. Fluttershy was hugging her son and daughter close as she, too hid her face in her husband. Sweetie's dad gave me a pat on the back to comfort me since my tears were flowing freely now.

"Can I see her?" Scootaloo said as she walked from Rumble to me.

"Sure, what about Apple Bloom?" I reply. She walks up to me, her ears drooping.

"Lead the way." Apple Bloom said.

We walked in silence to the room, neither of them saying a word. Finally, we walked to Sweetie Belle's room, who's happy to see her life-long friends.

"Girls! I'm so happy to see you guys. The mares hug each other for the longest time, and I leave to continue talking with our doctor.

"We're happy to see you're ok." Apple Bloom said.

"It's ok to talk about it." Sweetie, said knowing her friends.

"We're sorry to hear about your loss, we know how happy being a parent would make you." Scootaloo said.

"Thanks for worrying girls, but I'll be fine." Sweetie Belle said to them. "That doesn't mean that I'm not upset though, I just wish that my foal could've been ok too."

"Whatever you need, you have us and your family to help you." Scootaloo reminded her.

"And if it makes ya feel any better, we'll come to visit you everyday with a basket of double chocolate cookies." Apple Bloom said.

Sweetie wiped the stream of tears from her face and smiled a tiny smile.

"It's ok to cry you know." Scootaloo said reminding her of what she had learned. Ever since her mother had passed away a year before, with much persuasion from Rumble, she learned to be more open about her emotions.

"I know, it's just feel that I need to be confident. If I break down now, I don't think I'll ever be able to build myself up again. I'll ruin my own chances by convincing myself it was never meant to be. I just have to stay strong." Sweetie said.

"As much as Ah' know that that's true, you need to let out those emotions of yours." Apple Bloom said.

"I'll do it later. Thanks for visiting." Sweetie Belle said as a nurse came in to get the two.

"Remember what we said." Apple Bloom reminded, as she and Scootaloo went back to their husbands.

For the next two days, (The doctors kept Sweetie in the hospital to figure out the cause of the bleeding) Ponies came in and out. Sweetie's family, in-laws, friends, they all would come and go. Twilight and her friends would all bring their families to comfort Sweetie Belle. But not even Pinkie Pie could cheer her up. Finally the doctors told Sweetie what happened.

"You see ma'am, after you passed out, you eventually stopped bleeding, though you lost a fair amount of blood.

"But why did I start bleeding? I've read about the topic and a miscarriage usually doesn't involve blood." Sweetie Belle said.

"While that is correct, in your case, your foal shifted and seemed to have damaged an sensitive organ." The doctor said motioning to a chart. Sweetie could only nod to show she understood. After taking care of paper work, being told not to move to much our stretch out on her stomach, Button helped Sweetie Belle home. She didn't say a word.

Once they got home it was around noon. Sweetie went up to their room without a word.

"Do you want anything?" Button said knowing Sweetie was depressed. She shook her head and continued to their room where she didn't come out for the rest of the day.

It was getting late, so I climbed in with Sweetie Belle and she seemed to be asleep. I woke up once I felt her leave the bed and saw her close the door with her magic. I decided to follow her. I silently climbed out of bed and followed her to a room. I notice that it's the room we decorated for our foal. Sweetie closed the door behind her, but there was still a crack in it. I walk as silently as I possibly could and look through it. There, she sits on the windowsill looking out to the stars.

"Sweet angel of mine, where have you gone?

Why aren't you right here in my arms?

Where are your cool wings, and glowing smile?,

Where is that laugh worth my while?

"I would've been there to banish all of your fears

I would have been the one who'd wipe away your tears,

"I would've told you about happy stories at night,

And you could've filled my whole life with delight.

"I miss your happy joy that gave me happiness in my life,

I wish that you could be here for me to hug so tight.

I wish that you were here for me to kiss,

And in return, that I could fill your life with bliss.

"Sweet angel of mine where have you gone?

Why aren't you right here in my arms?

"Where is the angel I'm supposed to hold?

Where is the one who would make me smile, so big, and bright, and bold?

Where are your wings, so soft to the touch,

Don't you know that I love you so much?

"And though you may be happy up there,

I truly do wish that you were here.

That I could have another to see the stars in the sky,

That it could've been you dear angel of mine."

She finished her song as she starred into the purplish night sky, where a shooting star passed by. She closed her eyes, and whispered something, and looked into the sky again, tears reflecting their glow on her face. I can tell she was going to be there for a long time, so knowing that she needed to be alone, I walked back to the room, tears splashing on the pillow from her beautiful song.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed, sorry it was so sad and all, but you have been warned. Don't worry though, I promise that this will have a happy ending; cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.:pinkiesmile: By the way, the lesson about being open about your feelings is something that I had to learn when I was younger. I thought that Scootaloo would be the perfect example to express this. Plus, another hint would be this; this series is the reason one of the characters from mlp has his or her name. Plus, it's the first CHAPTER, not prologue. Peace.


Oh, yeah, and I recently found a song that I thought fit perfectly with Sweetie Belle's, they both go at the same rate, and have the (semi)same sad theme. It's in the Walking Dead game by the way. So here's the song that if Sweetie Belle's words were replaced, would fit perfectly the way I envisioned it.

Edit: I found that this would probably fit better,