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Ode to an Era · 7:24am Oct 13th, 2019

Like many other creators you may be looking at or keeping your eyes on, Little ‘ole me, Mr. Lurks in Other Stories and then Never Posts Anything has a journey to describe to y’all. One that I think will be quite the treat, and one that I’m going to be looking back on for some time to pass.

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hey brother .im making a fic ,button mash fic .he got kidnapped by the mafia and is now forced to marry a filly because of reasons .,i already have my reason why the mafia is forcing him to marry this filly ,im just asking for any tips with my fic

Well hello! Pardon the inactivity on this page itself, I find myself only having time nowadays to read and occasionally comment on stories I keep tabs on. Interesting to be recognized for something I honestly haven’t done in a while; despite me still finding him a fun character with zaney potential, I haven’t really been focusing too much on Button Mash or his ships as of late.

Regardless of my little rant, good day to you as well.

hey brother ,i've been seeing your comments around button mash fics for a while and i decided to say hello

I'm a sucker for ButtonBelle, and I thought the more adult themes you used were definitely a breath of fresh air, only ever done by a couple others. Props for you, fam.

  • Viewing 297 - 301 of 301
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