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howdy parders!

Hello, I'm wondering if any of you know any current Brony/pony servers in TF2. Other than the Ponyville server I can't seem to find any others when I search for them.:rainbowhuh:

If any one wants to have a friendly tf2 match let me know i'm pretty good I think but that's for you to decide

Looking to sniper duel in TF2. I am better than a UGC Platinum. Win the duel, win a rifle worth 5$+.

If thee wishes to play tf2 with me then thee wouldst find it wise to search the name "The Nameless remaG"

Gentlemen. Remember, when in doubt, conga it out. If not, then just air blast until you hear them cry because you captured the point.

The Video does not exist.

334275 you need to equip the construction PDA (4) and select Sentry (1). If you have the wrench, then you get an upgradeable sentry gun (collect metal/ammo and hit it with your wrench). If you have the gunslinger instead of the wrench, you get a mini-sentry gun, which is not upgradeable or repairable (but you can hit it to refill its ammo) and builds very quickly

324463 Simple. You equip your gibus and hold W and MOUSE 1 and run at burning TC soldiers.

Hmmmmmmm I dont know about you guys but GAMBER and some one else are gona get close:twilightsmile:

As the country western singing Bill Nye, how do I deploy a tiny stationary robo-cop?

Where's this server located at?

[inb4 300 ping asiafuk lel]

Im am so glad I found this group, now I can set my fellow bronies or pegasisters on fire, while back stabing them, then beating them down with a baseball bat, then shoot custom made 200 duel catridges from my Sasha, then I can blast them sky high with my rocket launcher, only to later go to where they land and throw a Jarate at them. Once I'm done with that, I'll build a mini sentry infront of them and place a sticky bomb trap under them to send them soaring once more..... and finaly, through all the pain I had cause them I shall do the most unsuspecting thing anypony could think of...... I will heal them with my medi-gun and place my dispencer at their side.

Glad I found this group :pinkiehappy:

All this group served to do was make me shake my head in disappointment at my favorite authors failing horribly at such a simple first person shooter

324565 It's okay Art, we love you anyway. I even included you in a poem, in honor of you! You can find it in the forums.

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