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Welcome to the church of Potatosithism.
A place to give praise to our Dread Father Sithis and the magical all healing Great Potato.

The Ten Commandments of Potatosithism:
Number 1. Thou shalt cum at least once a day, however if you don't like cuming that often(bitch you crazy) you may cum less often.
Number 2. Thou shalt try really hard not to kill anyone unless commanded by the Night Mother to do so, but sometimes it just can't be helped.
Number 3. The Night Mother will never speak to anyone.
Number 4. Thou shalt always love or be sexually attracted to, that which you are drawn to love or be sexually attracted to, even if that is nothing.
Number 5. Thou shalt always do what makes you happy.
Number 6. Rarity is sexist mane six pony.
Number 7. Chrysalis is sexist other pony.
Number 8. Thou shalt try really hard to always be honest and faithful.
Number 9. Thou shalt always eat potatoes when possible, those who are allergic or just plan sick of the spud are exempt.
Number 10. If you follow any of these rules because they are written down here, go away PotatoSithism has no need for sheep.
Unofficial commandment: All single females shall add the two church leaders on skype.

All you really have to do different is say Sithis and rarely Great Potato instead of God when you say stuff like "Mother of god" "God damn it" and "My god" but even that is only optional.
Potaosithism is what you want it to be really.

As long as you are a member of the church you can add your stories to the group's folders.

Potatosithism is love.
Potatosithism is life.

Praise the Dread Father, Sithis!

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:derpyderp2:I'm sorry, but I don't have a Skype account, you'll have to get your videos of boobs somewhere else:scootangel:

...why am I here? Meh, whatever. Hail Sithis, I guess.

I'm going to fit in well then, I agree with almost all of the Ten Commandments, even the one about Chrysalis although I'm not sure why.

Sent the request a while ago.

*Sees the words Night Mother*


*sees Chrysalis as other sexy pony*

Oh, my Great Potato, what's with all the potatoes? :unsuresweetie:

Hail Sithis, my friends.

347072 Goddammit...

Oh, well.:rainbowkiss:

Edit: You should add me on Skype while you're at it.

I'd better get a motherbucking jacket from this...:trollestia:

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