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For all those bronies/pegasisters out there, there must be those who love playing a free online game with shooting and capturing points. For those who enjoy watching people burn, backstabbing, rocket-jumping, or even staying back and healing.

If you have a TF2 story or want to chat about the game, welcome to the group.

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Comment posted by A TF2 Fan deleted Mar 18th, 2018

[I was going to make a forum about a person in trouble right now, but I think that is against the rules.]
[So instead I hope I can at least post it here in the comments section.]
[For some reason the thing that automatically makes the link of the youtube into a small screen is not working.]

>>BrianPony21 I replied to myself twice trying to reply to you, pretend they were both directed at you.

387133 Wow, i replied to myself, read what i said and pretend it was for you.

387133 Yes i do you scrub, i still have the comment you deleted, fgt.

Comment posted by BrianPony21 deleted Jan 17th, 2015

Looking to sniper duel in TF2, I am better than UGC Platinum. Win the duel and win my rifle worth 5$+.

382154 I will rek u m9.

New to fimfiction (makin' tf2 mlp story, not what you would expect, it will be my first here. I have around 600 hours on Tf2, I love the game :D

At the end of October, during Merasmus's Carnival of Carnage, the group has 666 members... Spooky!

Horey shet, 666 members.

Exactly. There is no single "best class". And with so many different weapons, you can essentially customize a class to work for any role. I mean, a Medic with an Overdose and a full √úberCharge is basically a Scout without the double jump, right?

FinestFantasy13. Hit me up, m8!

But Soldier is second best class...
Don't even get me started on the Pyro. The Demoman is kind of on the fence, you know? As for Engineer, he seems fairly sane, just a little obsessed with keeping any big mean Mother Hubbards from tearing him a structurally superfluous behind.:twilightoops:

373937 The translation is whatthefuck or what the fuck :twilightsmile:

Last time I've been on TF2 was a year ago, when I stopped at 2598 hours on Steam.


wut :applejackunsure:

look out we got a vagineer here

um... why is Twilight sniper, i dont seem to see what is the same about the two (pinkaminia (or what ever her full name is) would make a good medic because their both MAD:pinkiecrazy:)

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