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I'm eighteen, I'm in OPP, I live the thug life, I smoke weed every day, I don't take shit from nobody, and I write fanfiction for a show about magical ponies.

My most recent atrocities!

Party Hard

Shit I've Said Out of Context!

"This was laughably bad. Rushed, cliched, badly written, poor plot; a carnival of atrocity."

"I would literally be fucked by everything."

"Tupac Shakur vs. a dragon."

"Don't die!"

"I'm starting to think I'm the only straight person here. Also the only guy.

"That's just the aliens trying to steal your brain."

"AYO, fuck dat guy! Give him the D! Right in the ass!"

"I am a god, orange, I don't have one because everyone just wants me, cookies and cream, fuck cats, thankless."

"Fucking, Hitler the Frog over here."

Festive Deimos'

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My birthday · 3:43pm Dec 10th, 2014

Yeah, it's today. I'm 18 now, I can go die for my country, vote, and get some chick pregnant, all in the same day! I can watch R rated movies, too!

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Well those people are turds

2054484 I don't, sorry man. Not too many people know about WoF.

Do you now any one that would like to do it

2054458 God, no. My voice is terrible, can't sing for shit, sorry. I totally forgot that I joined that group.

So do want to do the audio drama or not

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