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Proof editor and amateur writer, asexual trans lesbian. Very boring in real life. Occasionally witty on the internet.

Likes MLP (Shh, don't tell anyone) Gravity Falls, Dr Horrible, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, TF2, and story heavy video games. And comics. And webcomics. And books, oh god so many books. And...other stuff.

Does not like Michael Bay.

Often forgets to remove shipping goggles for non-romance stories.

Friend me on Gameloft and Game Center- Username: f0xhole

Stories I've proof read:

Flowers, Hooves and Magic (Shuzumi)

Dash Eats some Skittles (Trials)

The Chronicles of Vloriant De'Elmarco - Assassin (Ezio)

Six Story Freefall (Dailuo)

Invasion of the Crossover Genre (Neutralmilk)

Cry for Eternity (Asylum1388)

The Life and Times of an Everfree Mystery (Wafflegodman)

A Rainbow Colored Heart (SonicsDemon)

To Save Equestria (KalaAWild)

The Birth of a New Friendship (ROFLBED0)

Faith (Unknown-Brony)

To Save Equestria: The Mysterious Virus (KalaAWild)

The Thoughts that Count (Ikemtz16)

Clair de Lune (XiphosDelta)

Stone Chef (GarlandGala)

Stories I've written:

Story tab's up there, ya lazy bastard.:ajbemused:
(Also writer of Celestia and I from Chapter 13 onwards)

My Shipping Chart

(Note: Chart only displaying interuniversal ships wrt EQG for simplicity)

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Thank you for the fave on Long Distance!

Thank you for the fave on Delicate Negotiations :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav on "Hearth Warming Sunset"

You! Stop what you're doing and listen to me!
Thank you for giving my story a chance you're awesome and moustache! :moustache:

I'm glad you enjoyed my story The Mare That Wasn't. :twilightsmile:

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