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Well... Guess there won't be any updates... ever...

I wonder if you'd mind me continuing/borrowing the concept for Melodia Apparatus?

Heh... Guess I'll never know...

Damn I miss lynked. Hopefully someday he will return.

Yeah really. All of the best writers seem to abandon their work before its finished. Seriously i would greatly appreciate it if you finished your stories they are enjoyable.

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A Thanks and a Reason · 12:35am Dec 13th, 2014

When I joined this site, life felt like a burden. I don't want to go into details--I hope you'll all forgive me--but life was essentially just a jagged chunk of rock that I was trying to roll from one place to another, without it rolling back and killing me beneath it. I didn't really have anyone. I'd lost my friends, fallen out with my family, and had become a little too secluded for my own good. To be honest, this account was almost never made, because I almost wasn't here to make it.

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I should be working!