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T'was the night of the Eve, the snow had come soon, and not a pony was stirring, except Nightmare Moon...

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I ran out of rhymes :trixieshiftright: Anyways, have a little story for the holidays!

1835461 That is the most adorable pic of NM I've seen in awhile. Also,

A damn fine read sir. I do agree with 1835501, that was a great image for the story.

Sweet sun and moon, I drowned in rhymes! Tell me friend, where did you find the time?

Wow, great one. I liked it much.
Post it to EQD its impossible they won't accept it :) This art need applause.


I absolutely loved this, great work.

An excellent story. Very nice. :rainbowkiss:

Great story man.


moar, moar nao

1835942 It took forever, I'll not lie, and while I wrote it, I thought I'd die. My prose was so long, I dare call it purple, and my rhymes ran dry,-- [Error]

1836143 I... don't quite understand, but thank you! :twilightsheepish:

1836339>>1837574>>1837757 Thanks guys! It's always nice to know that someone appreciates the work I've done.

Happy holidays to you all! :yay:

Dang, we broke you.

Is it wierd that even though Twilight was supposed to be reading this, thanks to the rhymes I heard it in Zecora's voice? :rainbowlaugh:

1938113 snap! it was a rather interesting read I might say

AAAARGH, The Curse of Zecora has struck the poor town of Ponyville!!!!:pinkiegasp::raritydespair::twilightoops::applejackunsure::fluttershyouch::rainbowderp:

Soon, the entire population of Equestria took up arms and started chasing Zecora
"Curse us, eh? We'll make you pay!!!
We don't want to rhyme all day!!!!"

This was cute and I loved it.

Awwwww! That was such a cute story. Thank you for writing.:twilightsmile:


Lol, good story. I didn't even read it, my sister read it allowed to me.:twistnerd:

GoP: Don't lie...

NiM: Lie about what?(Shifts side to side)

GoP: Tsunderes are cute:)

NiM: What's that supposed to mean!?

GoP: Nothing:)

This was like Christmas, happy and heartwarming.

Heartily agreed.

I am ashamed to admit that i only really read this for/ because the cover image.:ajsleepy:

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