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Hi, I write pony stuff as a hobby. As such, the amount of time I put into it varies. Feel free to ask me questions or send messages but I'm bad at responding in a timely manner.

Next Chapter: From Scratch 18

Next Chapter: Solace in Silence 10

User Biography

It's been about a year since I updated my bio again, so why not. I occasionally post music content on my blog, and am still (slowly) working on the top 200.

I'm more well known outside of ponydom as Raelcun. I started writing under this name because, at the time, I was still actively a Starcraft broadcaster and having ponyfic pop up on google when people were looking me up for potential jobs was suboptimal.

I used to write a lot more than I do now, but I took a long break to play MMOs, MUDs, video games, etc. and now have a number of bad habits. With the help of my editors I've been slowly working on squashing them, but there are still a few hanging on. If you see any errors in my stories feel free to point them out in a way that doesn't make me sound stupid.

Writing is a hobby for me, this results in my updates being semi-random as the amount of free time I have to put into my stories can vary greatly.

My Stories:

Drifting Memories
The Day I Realized I was a Xenos

Currently working on:
From Scratch
Solace in Silence
The Death of Sorrow. (Not yet posted) (Title still WIP)

Rewriting or otherwise inactive:
The Romance of Invention
Zecora's Flight - Feb writeoff entry

Ponyfall: Call of the Daisies

Upcoming (None are guaranteed to actually happen):
-Dark Terrors
-Possible Drifting Memories continuation
-Untitled Mane 6 shipping silliness story
-Untitled long Romance/Adventure story featuring Luna and Rainbow
-Crack shipping one-shot to disprove a challenge

My profile needed this.


The state of me. August 2015 · 7:56am Aug 12th, 2015

First off: I should be putting more time into writing, but it just hasn't been a priority, more below. I'll try to put more time into writing, but right now I can't say how much time that will be. The next chapter of From Scratch is done... but I'm not entirely certain on it because there's a choice that needs to be made. I'll talk more about From Scratch in another blog, probably tomorrow.

As for me? The simple rundown is as follows:

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God bless you. God loves you, right now, then, and forever.


Is there any chance you are still writing From Scratch?

where are youuu

I eagerly await the next chapter in From Scratch. Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop and before I knew it, I was caught up. (And then the interactive Dash said she'd rather read Daring Do and that's why I don't qualify to be her pet... talk about timing). But first things first, take care of yourself. Personal health > all. Hope to see a chapter soon, but only when you feel up to it. :3

feel better and get well soon

1925790 I can imagine! You certainly earned your rest, so I hope you enjoy it! :3

1925638 Chocobo glomps seem like they'd be okay as long as the sharp bits weren't accidentally poked into sensitive places. Glad you had fun watching SGDQ. I'm going to need a few days to be properly "alive" again, though.

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