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Hi, I write pony stuff as a hobby. As such, the amount of time I put into it varies. Feel free to ask me questions or send messages but I'm bad at responding in a timely manner.

Next Chapter: From Scratch 18

Next Chapter: Solace in Silence 10

User Biography

It's been about a year since I updated my bio again, so why not. I occasionally post music content on my blog, and am still (slowly) working on the top 200.

I'm more well known outside of ponydom as Raelcun. I started writing under this name because, at the time, I was still actively a Starcraft broadcaster and having ponyfic pop up on google when people were looking me up for potential jobs was suboptimal.

I used to write a lot more than I do now, but I took a long break to play MMOs, MUDs, video games, etc. and now have a number of bad habits. With the help of my editors I've been slowly working on squashing them, but there are still a few hanging on. If you see any errors in my stories feel free to point them out in a way that doesn't make me sound stupid.

Writing is a hobby for me, this results in my updates being semi-random as the amount of free time I have to put into my stories can vary greatly.

My Stories:

Drifting Memories
The Day I Realized I was a Xenos

Currently working on:
From Scratch
Solace in Silence
The Death of Sorrow. (Not yet posted) (Title still WIP)

Rewriting or otherwise inactive:
The Romance of Invention
Zecora's Flight - Feb writeoff entry

Ponyfall: Call of the Daisies

Upcoming (None are guaranteed to actually happen):
-Dark Terrors
-Possible Drifting Memories continuation
-Untitled Mane 6 shipping silliness story
-Untitled long Romance/Adventure story featuring Luna and Rainbow
-Crack shipping one-shot to disprove a challenge

My profile needed this.


The state of me. August 2015 · 7:56am Aug 12th, 2015

First off: I should be putting more time into writing, but it just hasn't been a priority, more below. I'll try to put more time into writing, but right now I can't say how much time that will be. The next chapter of From Scratch is done... but I'm not entirely certain on it because there's a choice that needs to be made. I'll talk more about From Scratch in another blog, probably tomorrow.

As for me? The simple rundown is as follows:

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Is there any chance you are still writing From Scratch?

where are youuu

I eagerly await the next chapter in From Scratch. Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop and before I knew it, I was caught up. (And then the interactive Dash said she'd rather read Daring Do and that's why I don't qualify to be her pet... talk about timing). But first things first, take care of yourself. Personal health > all. Hope to see a chapter soon, but only when you feel up to it. :3

feel better and get well soon

1925790 I can imagine! You certainly earned your rest, so I hope you enjoy it! :3

1925638 Chocobo glomps seem like they'd be okay as long as the sharp bits weren't accidentally poked into sensitive places. Glad you had fun watching SGDQ. I'm going to need a few days to be properly "alive" again, though.

1900530 Hi, sorry I've been super busy preparing for SGDQ. Now that it's over, yes, I'm going to go back to finishing From Scratch.

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