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Hi, I write pony stuff as a hobby. As such, the amount of time I put into it varies. Feel free to ask me questions or send messages but I'm bad at responding in a timely manner.


Octavia has hit rock bottom. After the Gala and being forced to play that song, she was cast out by high society. Now she must gather the shreds of her pride, only to have to swallow them to work under the only pony that seems willing to hire her. Now it's time for her to make a name for herself all over again, and she's determined to make it no matter what, even if she has to start over from Scratch.

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I like this even if the octavia/scratch has been done a thousand times already it is still a concept i can enjoy :twilightsmile:

Interesting concept. I'm interesting to see how this turns out, Liked and tracked. :moustache:

I must say this is a great start, Tavi felt genuinely fierce and elegant, and the take on a more commanding and professional VInyl (so far anyways) was a nice touch I'm looking forward to reading more of this:pinkiehappy:

TaviScratch once more. After Allegrezza and TCTAC I have never loved this couple more. I will watch this for great justice!

You have my attention!

I love Octavia and Scratch, so I'll be tracking!

Tavi/Scratch has been waaaay overdone IMO, but the start was interesting and I'm curious as to what Scratch's project is. Liked and tracked.

Octavinyl. Still my fav' pairing. Kind of interesting beginning.

Must.. Criticize. Just kidding.
Spike = Endpin

Way better than 90% of the Octavia/Vinyl fics out there due to the fact that they didn't meet in a bar and screw right off the bat.


Thanks I was kind of really trying to set the tone here at the start


Go ahead! People always just praise they never critique


Ah Slorgy so refreshingly direct, but yeah thats kind of the idea.

Octavia/Vinyl Scratch is totally the next Lyra/BonBon! (By that, I mean they're starting to become the fandom's other OTP).


Seriously. That was my only comment. Hahah
The spike on the bottom of a double bass/cello is called an endpin..

awesome so far, and i knoe just what octy feels like in this chapter, my band's drummer is juuuuuust like that.:derpytongue2:

Ooh, colt. I can't wait to see how you develop the relationship here - I figure I'm in for quite a few laughs along the way. On an irrelevant note: I seem to have developed a taste for coffee. Who'd'a thunk it?

"Take five Octobutt." Hahahah.. I don't even know why this is funny, but it is :facehoof:

loving Vinyl here, cheery, driven, possibly insane, can't help but to love her.
Now to just see how far she can drive Tavi before she either breaks, or breaks her bass over Vinyls head.

Very interesting, tracked!

A few people have expressed some worry over the centralization of the story on the studio, but I don't want you guys to think that this is going to be the case. It's simply that these interactions are important to the story before we can start venturing outwards. It should be pretty obvious that at this point if the two of them ran into each other outside of work Tavi would just walk away and be done with it.

Sorry again about the lateness of this chapter, hopefully it will not be repeated. I hit a point where I was lacking motivation to write this chapter, and I really did not wish to force it.

Maybe, if you said something nice it once in a while..."

was tough place to feel welcome

>> Two minor errors, that's all I saw besides some misc comma errors. I didn't point them out because they don't really detract from the story. Also, this chapter was pretty awesome if you ask me. I could imagine musicians looking for those emotions while playing and you did just that, you found a source of inspiration. Was it dark? Yes... Was it a little strange? Admittedly yes. Was it realistic and did it work? BUCK YEAH.

It was perhaps just a tad overwrought with the whole bleeding and kicking the living crap out of her, but then again those are thoughts that are wandering while playing music. You took a step out of the way to write about what we should feel from Octavia and I say it worked beautifully this chapter. The important part is that it just stays thoughts. We can all think things but I seriously doubt Octavia has the spirit in her to actually do those things to scratch. As for the apartment being smashed? I could see that easily.

Great work.

Commas are my bane I'm working on them though. Thanks for pointing those out, they SHOULD be fixed but I'm not sure with how wonky FIMF is being today.

Yeah that was kind of what I was going for was just worried about taking it a bit too far. I think it wound up alright, just don't want people to think this is going to turn into like Octavia hatefucking Vinyl in her mind or something.

Love your writing, but I couldn't help but stop at the errors mentioned above and try to figure it out.

Anyway, keep it up. Next time, though, post it to Reddit faster or I'll do it for you!

Is it not? I had submitted to reddit before it even showed up as public on FIMF. Also I swore I fixed those... well I fixed them again hopefully it sticks this time.:fluttercry:


I will go back in time with the link from the future and post it on Reddit.

amazing simply amazing :coolphoto:

Actually, I rather enjoy the way you handled things here. Definitely doesn't need a dark tag. I hope you are going somewhere with Vinyl's reaction here though. It hints towards interesting future chapters, with good exposition regarding Vinyl. It would be a shame if nothing came out of it.

I'm not entirely sure how much that will really become an issue. It's mostly just because Tavi is such a great musician that when she's basically directing pure and violent hatred at you with her music another musician like Vinyl can pick up on it. Don't know though my plot points for this story are a little looser than normal, so it's definitely possible.

Oh dear :fluttershysad:

I'm glad you love it darling :raritystarry:

Why thank you :twilightsmile:

Bucking amazing I want to see how this evolves to romance so badly

ah, showing someone your dislike for them through music. love doing that. :pinkiecrazy:

I wouldn't worry about Octavia's thoughts being too dark. I mean, in situations like that I'm pretty sure EVERYONE would have started thinking it. As long as she doesn't actually do it I see no problems with it.

And I like what you said in an earlier comment about why Vinyl was so shell-shocked after Octavia's performance. If you could find a way to somehow work that into the story it could give you an interesting emotional platform to build off of. But then again, I'm a terrible writer, and you have shown yourself to be far far better than I am so you're probably better off just going with whatever you already had in mind :raritywink:.

390675 391058
You guys are... :twilightblush:

Geeze I'm not used to such praise, but anyways no this isn't going to gain a mature tag sorry. Not really my thing, trying to write such things is... awkward :twilightsheepish: There may be some implications if their relationship goes in the right direction but I'm not promising anything. It may be that just getting these two into a relationship at all is going to be an epic feat and I stop there with some hints of relationship building. I'm not really sure yet as thats much much much further down the road than I have completely planned out at this point.

Just read all the chapters in one sitting and I'm very interested in your different version of Vinyl and Octavia and looking forward to how it'll evolve as it goes on :pinkiesmile:
I loved the scene with Octavia playing intensely and imagining those (hilariously) disturbing thoughts of harming Vinyl
And all the nicknames by Vinyl are hilarious combined with Octavia trying to withhold barely concealed anger :yay:

hmm... i didn't really like the premise of this, being that pinkie pie more or less ruined her life just because of the gala thing -_- so i'll just try to ignore it ever happened and just picture she went broke for some other more believable reason than something as lame as the whole pinkie thing... no offense ofc!

edit: doesn't she play a cello? oh well...

A lot of the fanart draws her with a Cello, but in the show it's closer to a double bass. A lot of people wibble back and forth about it, but I just chose to have her play a double bass. Also it wasn't intended so much to be Pinkie's fault, more that Tavi blames it on Pinkie. Her enemies just used that incident as a convenient excuse to drag her name through the mud.

Currently in Canada on my laptop, expect updates to come a little slower while I stop focusing on this and have fun on my vacation. I don't think there's anything glaring in this one, but point them out if there is. :pinkiehappy:

Ok, did not see this coming :rainbowderp:
poor Resonance, victim of over bearing producer and badly placed set of stairs :fluttershysad:
can't wait to see where it goes :facehoof:

Wow... that was intense. Octy is scary when she's mad. I'd like to see how Scratch will act - she must really try to get Octavia back... And poor Resonance, she'll get some bits and rest, I hope?

The excitement! Yet another fantastic chapter. Have some mustaches and a rage face. :twilightangry2::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:.

H-holy crap. I shed a tear at this. Very nice! I'm glad we finally got all that pent up anger out... and now we see the results.

This is brilliant, keep it up.

So Vinyl, how does it feel to be on the other side?

What happens when the quiet ones snap... I know tavi's place a little too well in this chapter.

This is awesome :rainbowkiss:

so far... not the romance story i'd hoped to read...

Err yeah that be a lot of comments :rainbowlaugh:


anyways thanks guys :pinkiesmile: still on vacation so you'll just have to wait for the next one (need a trollestia emote to put in here)

418250 dat face... anyway still tracking... ehm... favoring? god i hate this bloody system fim is using now, so awful -_-

Waiting for dinner so laptop time huzzah! Anyways, don't worry I'm not leading you guys along with a fake Romance tag that would be bad. That's the next stor- I mean :pinkiehappy:

hahahaha I'm just kidding, a certain high profile author on FIMF planted an idea in my head that would be quite quite mean to the people who saw the [Romance] tag, but I'm holding off... for now.

I love this. I could picture the whole thing in my head and it was amazingly epic.
Go Octavia! :rainbowderp: I know how it feels, I'm usually pretty calm but one time I had a person that just kept causing problems for me and my friends and I just flipped the buck out in a similar way.
Forget the romance cliches, keep up this awesome intensity! :pinkiehappy:
Now I seriously cannot wait for the next installment!

at first i was under the immpression that this was a shipping story, but after that... Nice to see that vinyl got what she deserved. i`d give you a cookie but the computer screen is in the way. :yay:

Needs more romance cliches. Needs more words. Needs MOAR EVERYTHING!

Lol. Gj so far.

I gotta say, this chapter threw me for a loop. I was half-expecting Vinyl to have some super-secret plan to draw out her performers' full potential that would end with Octavia realizing something along the lines of "Wow, she's actually brilliant." But nooooooo! :flutterrage: You just had to take my expectations and buck them right out the window and give me something that I never saw coming, but in retrospect, really should have. My appreciation for this story just reached a new high. Well played indeed. :twilightsmile:

First, we must bring the hatred up from a steady simmer to a rolling boil. Next, we shall add a touch of tragedy, a dash of sorrow, and promptly follow up with a blow torch and some alcohol... Lots and lots of alcohol. I await more.

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