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High school graduation is right around the corner -- and Vinyl and Octavia aren't ready to face the facts. So they talk about the future, and cherish their current time together.

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And now we wait 'till it's featured

I already loved that picture. Now I love this cute little story that goes perfectly along with it.

This...really needs to be expanded on...it was great!

High school ponies before the show happened must be done more often. :heart:

NOOOO! Stay away from the featured box and nopony gets hurt!

Aw, who'm I kidding?

4384922 / 4384294 I'm not that popular... :twilightblush:
...am I?! :twilightoops:

4385012 Whoa.
Fifth place. Impressive.

4384940 If you check this list, that's something like "best mystery-algorithm rating today". Entry into the featured box seems to be based on that divided by hours since posting. Yours was posted only a few hours ago, so it's pretty sure to take the next open slot in the featured box, unless something newer does.

I think.

That's why you shouldn't post a story after midnight Eastern time. I don't, but the mods took 7 hours to approve my story, so I was screwed.

Considering what happened with All That Glitters, yes, yes you are.

I liked it. its cute, but leaves me with a strange feeling. I don't know why but I get the feeling that this would have a bad ending to the relationship, maybe its the whole 'make the best of it' part

still, good story.

Nope, Chengar's story got the slot, even though it's older and much further down the list. Weird.

Awesome. I hope that this does get featured. :twilightsmile:

What the- One chapter!?!?
Wait... Luna? Do you realize how creepy it is to read a ship fic on your subjects? Especially since the thing with the socks and th-

This left me with a nice feeling :twilightsmile:

I agree with those who ay there needs to be more. This story is not complete, especially with a title like that...

Some interesting ralations you put in here if Vynil's last name is to be beleived. Also yay best song in Grease.

Horse words! I love it!

The cliff-hanger ending caught me off guard, I actually think it added a lot to the story. Good job.

It was a nice little one-shot that left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.:twilightsmile:

The title gives me a feeling of nostalgia.

I don't find too many good ship-fics between these two anymore; they're usually overdone by now and it kinda annoys me. This was great though, perfectly subtle (even if it is a one-shot) but not too subtle either.

+1 Like.

4384940 I wanna let you know, this fic, this fic, bruh. This fic is pure gold, I love it. Couldn't have been done better. +1 like for you.

And now I wanna see a sequel fic to this lol of them at the prom and Octavia singing the song

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