Hello! Welcome to the Writers and Reviewers Institute for Technical Excellence (WRITE)!

Recently, a fair number of people have come to think the group is dead because the forums are inactive and The WRITE Admins account is rarely online. This is not the case. Nearly all group happenings occur outside of the FiMFic group, from processing reviews all the way to the review's posting. So if you're looking for a review, know that we're available to give one to you right now! Click me! for instructions on how to request a review. If you'd like to know a little more about the group, feel free to read on!

~ The Administration Team

Our goal is to get together the best of the best—an elite reviewing group who can take on any level of fic from first-timers to EqD-accepted authors.

For starters, we’ll take on reviewing requests, and we will seek out fics that could use some help along their way. Here's how it'll work:

Firstly, if a reviewer comes across a fic they think could use some help, they will ask the author if they would appreciate a review. Perhaps something along the lines of “Hey, I’m Xreviewer, and I represent this group. Would you like me to offer some thoughts/a review on your story/help lay out why people are disliking it?” If the author agrees, then the reviewer is free to review and leave their tag and our logo on the work. Alternatively, the author may have already asked for feedback of some sort, whether it be in the description, a comment, or somewhere. Either way, the goal is to have permission from the author before writing up a review.

Secondly, an author may come to us, and the works will be added to a group queue by an administrator. The administrator will then assign/offer the fic to a reviewer, who will have a set amount of time to accept or deny the assignment. The goal is to make sure that no requesting author has to wait more than a week at the outside for a review after asking.

After a bit of time, phase 2 will be to integrate a “mentoring” corps into the group. These will be editors who will take on an author’s fic before it’s posted to FiMFiction.net (likely, we’ll require a GDocs copy with at least comments enabled), from first draft until the time it hits the front page. They will edit, advise, and help the author improve in any way they know how. Not every writer who requests a mentor will be accepted. Stories and ideas will be screened before they’re offered to the mentors for acceptance, so they’ll never get stuck with the next “Return of the changelings’” unless they really, really want it. However, like we said, this is still being worked out. We’re not quite there yet.

If you have any other questions, check this thread and ask away.

If you are a member or you’re thinking about joining, please check out this thread:
Code of Conduct

If you wish to apply, check out this thread:
Reviewer Application

If you wish to request a review, check the comment below.

Approved reviewers (read: all members), check out this thread and PM Burraku your preferences.

A final point to anyone reading this: If you happen across this page, and the “Join Group” option is available, it means someone has recently been approved for entry. Since there is no option to invite people to a group, the only way to let approved applicants in is to open the group for a short time. So if you click that “Join Group” button and you have not had some written approval from an Admin(s), you will be banned. You will only be unbanned once you have successfully passed the application process.

~ The Administration Team

(Other signatures are available upon request. Ask Burraku for details.)

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If you wish to request a review for one of your stories, please read this comment.

Requesting a review is fairly simple. Requests are sent to this account (WRITE Admins) in the form of a PM. Use the following format in that PM (please provide links where necessary) and we'll have a review to you as soon as we are able:

Genre Tags:
Specific Reviewer Request (if any):
Other information you wish to share/specific needs:

Details and clarifications:
The Specific Reviewer Request option is for if you wish to request a specific person from our group to perform your review. Every member (check the member list to make sure; banned members still show up on the roster) here is a reviewer, so if you want anyone specific to review your story, for whatever reason, put that request there. Also, feel free to browse the Review Requests thread to look around at the reviews we've put up. If you find one you like, feel free to request that reviewer.

The Other Information section is there for you to request specific things you want out of your review. You may wish to have your reviewer focus on plot elements over grammar, for example. Specifying this will ensure that your reviewer covers it; specifying nothing will result in a review that contains only what your reviewer deems necessary to say/focus on.

~The Administration Team

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