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Hu hu. Looking through an old list of bookmarks, find SALT, then find this, and it's also dead.

Why the close?

Name: super star warrior x1
Title: My little pony: charge of the dark
Genre Tags: Action, adventure, comedy, war
Specific Reviewer Request (if any): Please help to proofread it and give me advice
Other information you wish to share/specific needs: none

Name: David Silver
Title: A Dangerous Sparkle
Genre Tags: Crossover, Adventure
Specific Reviewer Request (if any): None
Other information you wish to share/specific needs: None come to mind. Thanks!


Mazu Ronin

The Dazzling Crusade

Gore Comedy Slice of life Human

i want a complete anilyzation for this story.

  • Viewing 20 - 24 of 24
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