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Group Admin

Have any ideas for the group? Post them here.
Have any questions you’d like answered? Post them here or PM an Admin with your question (for the non-members).

Some frequently-asked questions:

Q: I can't seem to find the join button. Why?
A: Well, we're a closed group. You have to apply to get in. If you're approved, we'll open up to let you in.

Q: Where do I apply?
A: Check this thread for details.

You said I was automatically in. Do I still need to apply to become a reviewer or have I been vouched for?
Thanks guys, and I'm glad to be in here

Group Admin

Nope, once you're in, no need to apply.

Sweet Luna, thanks. *salute* good eve master Squared, I shall see you on the morrow then!

Question: Feel like I'm repeating someone here, but if I'd been informed of the groups awakening, but not actually invited, am I a reviewer?

538628 Well, Matt just informed me that I AM one. Timing, sheesh.

Group Admin

I just went down the list of twenty-some people. Don't blame me.

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