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Hello my friends. Welcome to the Remnants of Exploration.

We're no longer the Train Wreck Explorers.

We will NOT assist in reviews or criticize as a group.

Consider this a place for the past friendships formed within the group to come together and continue to enjoy each others company.

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glad you died


wew lads

I loved TWE, it too just forced me on to this website, reading those crappy fics filled with Red/Black OC Alicorns, while seeing rant about them just made my day better than before.

It's just sad to see this train crash at full speed. Sucks that we can't go around saying our so called "bullying". But oh well... I hope to see the majority of the group still survived from the crash and join again as we explore into the Land of Crappy Fics, and say to them in our mind, "That was a really bad story, and here are tips to improve." While they fight back saying their story is better than everyone else's...

The good ol' days... :fluttercry: :heart:


302402 I'm actually too lazy to be noticing small details right now, sorry. Anyway, you're a liar, Squared, a bad liar. :rainbowwild:


295194 First.

Note the timestamps on group creation :moustache:

I miss what you guys had. I miss reading a truly dreadful Fic, then seeing that the first comment is a comedic review with a few jibes towards the authors genuine awfulness, but in the end teaches them the basics. I wish all your hardwork wasn't erased in a rage filled moment of poor judgement. I wish others were like you, they didn't sugar coat a review and just told an author how they see it.

I just wanted to thank you for all the laughs. I never messaged you guys or made my voice heard, but I was there early on.Thanks.

296730 Then I will simply make a bunch of false accounts if I have to, just to rustle his jimmies for getting his panties in a knot.

296600 Well, that happened and it got three members banned.

296477 The Hearth's Warming Eve one that Elec and whoever else started is technically still on, as they've told me in the Skype chat several times.

I am truly feeling the need to piss on Knighty's mood by just messing around with a few authors that almost write bad on purpose.

295977 With a banhammer, and the biggest shitstorm I've ever seen.

Cool. I'll organize that later.

Because science.

For some reason, I read this in Molestia's voice
I'm in.

Hey guys.

We should have a writing contest.

Y'know, to lighten spirits and whatnot.

So, who's game?

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