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Riff Mondays!


Riffs. We all love them. Join our elite group of heros, who suffer through bad stories, to make them more enjoyable!

Everyone probally should take one of the items below before they hop in.

Eye Scraper
Eye/Brain Bleach
Pickled Kiwis


1. Have Fun
2. Nothing is off limits.
3. Riff.
4. That is all.

Check out the group that started this. The Train Wreck Explorers.

Rest in peace, TWE. Rest in peace.

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Kay, I'll really rip into it!

Expect it by next Monday

335562 I'll be happy to read it!

I wrote the thing just for kicks, so go wild on it!

Oi there, mates! This author is in need of a riff for a story of his!Don't try to run it's name! Have fun!

hello everyone,
I added my story, Spike the Knight in the main and story idea folder, go wild with it.
Riff by MrSing and Kalash93.
I really like it and made my laugh.
Alas, as the evil author I am I modified (rewritten) the chapters, correcting some of the mistakes, so you have new material to work with.
Enjoy the story, or have fun riffing it, or both. Also PM the link and I will add it to the description if I think it is funny enough, and not just something intended to be mean spirited just because you can.
Have fun!

Rest in peace, TWE. Rest in peace.

(Train Wreak Explorers)
I think you mean Rest in Pieces

What now?

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