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Part of the Black Sun Ponyverse.

After Twilight's ascension to an alicorn, many more ancient evils escaped from their imprisonment and were attempting to destroy or conquer Equestria.

With the elements of Harmony busier than ever dealing with these new threats, Spike grows worried about the increasing danger they're being forced to put themselves in. Tired of being a burden, he searches for a way to become stronger so that he may help, hopefully discovering his own path along the way.

Cover by YoMilbert used with permission.
Special thanks to BigBadBari21 (chapter 1)
Theblacksmithbrony and TheSexyMenhir for proof reading.
Without you the story would be a whole lot more painful to read.
And to APoeticHeart for helping me with Zecora's rhymes.
Also music.

Chapters will be small 800-1500 words.
But will be released every two or three days.
Comments, critiques and opinions are welcomed.
Also check out MrSing and Kalash93 riff on it.

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Now, chapter three.:moustache::twilightsheepish: I seeing that Spike is going defet the evil, but, it's won't go make. Then, Spike will have take the control about the evil.

You have no one to blame but yourself Twi.:facehoof: Though I wonder what Spike has planned for the next few days.:unsuresweetie: I just hope this isn't going to be another bad Sparity fic.:ajbemused:

2339995 not to spoil anything but take a look at character tags and the lack of the romance label

Spike going on a journey to become a stronger dragon. Oh, gosh, I hope nothing bad happens, and if there is something bad that happens, I hope his friends will be there for him, especially Twilight. :pinkiehappy:

Later Twi! I'll be back in a couple days!
wait for it ...
wait for it ...
BAM! freak out time! :rainbowlaugh:

I sometimes wonder if i shiuld add a comedy/slice of life tag
I relly wanted it to be serios but i ended up writing deadpool for a chapter without realizing
not sure if the chapter will be published as is or will be rewriten

Uh..oh..I smell something alright, but it is trouble. With Applebloom helping Spike into the Everfree Forest to find Zecora's hut, nothing but trouble can lay ahead. I hope they will be careful though. :twilightoops:

Well, hmm.. maybe Spike is regretting his little journey/quest now after venturing into the Everfree Forest. Lol.. I love that picture, it's cute. :twilightblush:

Oh, no, I don't like the sound of "Tomorrow, you shall weep", and Spike's dragon greed coming back. I just hope he doesn't go too far with it and Zecora is able to help him control it. I don't want his friends to betray and abandon him, that is just a heartbreaking thought of mine in every Spike fanfic. :pinkiesad2:

No Spike, don't eat it or grab it! Oh, wow! This is a cruel test of Zecora's. :twilightoops:

Spike, you will have must stronger for those that you love.:moustache:

- If you can keep it little greed, then, you can do it, Spike.
- I am waiting another chapter in soon now.

Poor poor Spike battling with his inner voice. He did the right thing in not eating the gem, but I hope Zecora doesn't think he ate it. :twilightoops:

2384157 zecora didn't tell him not to eat it, she just placed it there and left
she is not cruel as a teacher she is just... different... sever maybe

also a bit late to say this, but...
i don't think twi isn't a bad pony, irresponsible or she is intentionally ignoring spike
(nor do i intend to write her that way)
she is just overwork

Lol..this chapter was hilarious with the voices in his head. I have a sinking feeling of what those green eyes belong too. :twilightoops:

Spike have Deadpool's syndrom.:twilightoops:

2401571 nah, but it would be cool though...
come to think of it, if you keep that in mind over the next few chapters you are going to enjoy them even more

Well, it is about time that Zecora came and got Spike out of the symbol. Applebloom and Spike makes a good shipping I think. I wonder how come Zecora wants Spike to stay another day for though. :rainbowhuh:

2410392 well she only let Spike alone for a couple of hours :twilightsheepish:

Spike is new Deadpool now.

Oh, no, the voices again. This story is cute with the scenes with Applebloom and Spike. Kind of like arguing siblings or something like that. :rainbowlaugh:


To be honest the two voices need to be color coded, it's just confusing to sort them out.

2417374 sorry but it is supposed to be confusing

Ok, Applebloom read a Dragon Enciclopedy for help Zecore with Spike.
But, I don't understand what going to work with Spike in the cauldron.

2420789 2 days and you will have your answer

2420823 poor spiky-wiky will a kiss from rarity cheer him up? :raritywink:

Wow! Those voices can be so annoying. Spike doesn't have to be bigger or stronger to protect his friends, I wish he would realize that. I feel he wants to be wanted by his friends, that he is a major part of the group. I hope maybe Twilight can get the girls together and let him know that he is a major part of the group so he don't go through with getting big. :pinkiehappy:


Oh spike, size isn't the only thing that makes you strong, you have to be mentally ready for any situation that is, that is apart of the snipers creed mate.

We are going to in some place.

WoW! I am left speechless with this chapter, but a good speechless but a sad heart for Spike. If he really did imagine it and wanted, he could have all the fortune, gold, and gems his little heart desires, but still it will be lonely without his friends, his family. Ooh, this brought tears to my eyes. I feel so much for Spike, and I hope Twilight and the others will be there to comfort him when he comes back or if they come searching for him.:fluttercry:

2435945 if it is an error from my part i don't see it.


Oh, there's more?

Beautiful chapter. You see Spike grew alright, but it was his love for Rarity, his determination and devotion to do whatever he could to set her free that caused him to grow. :fluttercry: Tear-jerking chapter.

2445484 oh i am so sorry, so very sorry for you :ajsleepy:

great chapter,:pinkiehappy: cant wait for the next one :twilightsmile:

"cry" Só beautiful. "cry more"

She's gonna be trippin so hard.... IS THAT A LEPRECHAUN?

Oh, now I see why you felt sorry for me the last chapter. Wow! I was so wrong last chapter. This chapter hit me hard! :pinkiegasp:

2452024 oh i am so sorry again, so very sorry for you :ajsleepy:
one more to go

2452084 and is that a bad thing? :rainbowhuh:

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